Do history books in the United States of America teach enough content about overseas tragedies, such as the devastating Kurdish genocide?

  • American history books are doing just fine.

    History books in the United States of America teach enough content about overseas tragedies. People tend to forget that K to 12 graduation in America is about teaching our kids about the United States and our own special history. The education is paid for by American tax dollars, so why should we be teaching kids about events in our countries that don't directly involve us. College history disciplines exist for overseas focus.

  • No, US history classes are sorely lacking.

    History classes in the United States are very regulated due to legislation, such as No Child Left Behind, that forces teachers and books to cover specific items. This means that many overseas tragedies are overlooked completely or are only given a sentence or paragraph of brief explanation. In an increasingly global society, this needs to change.

  • If it bleeds it leads

    Interestingly enough, even though Middle Eastern news in the west is dominated by the slogan, "if it bleeds, it leads", this is often done with issues of American terrorist threats, or American interests. News shows like the BBC portray world events as to help out Kurdish people. It should be more BBC.

  • Classrooms Lack Time

    I believe that history books in the United States do a decent job of including overseas tragedies, such as the devastating Kurdish genocide, but there is a severe lack on time in the classroom to cover everything. Understanding historical events takes time and a lot of information. It's difficult to cover everything in a few years, which I think is the major problem in US classes.

  • No, American history takes up too many pages.

    I think America is so bad at studying/teaching about other countries in school that we've become notorious for it. There's a lot of jokes and commentary about how bad we are at it. I don't think world history resonates in middle or high schools unless there's something current happening in the news. While there might be some brief surveys through unavoidable topics, such as the Holocaust, I don't think enough attention is placed on overseas tragedies, such as the Kurdish genocide.

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