• Yes, homeopathic medicines do work.

    Yes, I believe that some homeopathic medicines do work. Homeopathic medicine has a history longer than even general medicine, since mankind has been sick, ill, and had diseases long before there were any doctors or scientifically proven medicinal treatments and remedies. A pretty large amount of all homeopathic medicine is based on experience and testing, just like conventional medicine, and in fact, many conventional drugs and treatments have been discovered because they were first homeopathic remedies.

  • Letting Body Naturally Heal Works

    Before there was modern medicine, there was treating the whole body by letting the body do its own work. Homeopathic medicines are designed to enable the body's own systems to cure itself. Every person is different so every reaction to a homeopathic treatment is different. In some cases, modern medicine should be considered first. But overall, homeopathic medicines generally work.

  • yes, often they do

    I do think that homeopathic medicines can work, and very well, in certain instances. I do not think they should be used all the time, for all medical conditions though. Often times, traditional medicine may not work, or cure someone of a disease. Using homeopathic medicine can be a second option or even a last resort option. If it works, great. If not, there is usually no harm suffered by the patient.

  • Homeopathic preparations commonly contain NO active ingredient

    The basic assumptions of homeopathy are entirely counter to the germ theory of disease and the laws of physics. The only manner in which homeopathic remedies have any effect whatsoever is by the placebo effect according to numerous studies. Not only do homeopathic remedies NOT work, but they CANNOT POSSIBLY work.

  • Sadly, No

    No, homeopathic medicines do not work. In some cases they have given an illusion of having worked but that could have been the result of the patients firm belief that they would. Many have tried homeopathic remedies for serious diseases such as cancer and have not been cured. For the most part they reverted back to traditional chemotherapy or died waiting for homeopathic remedies to take effect. Homeopathic medicine has been around for close to two centuries and people want desperately to believe in it…but so far we have not seen many success stories…and the longer people keep trying homeopathic remedies, the greater the chance that they will have waited too long and traditional medicine will no longer be able to help them.

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