• Modern medicine has its roots in less robust methods.

    Much of modern medicine is developed from old herbal lore and healing techniques. Modern medicine takes the good, refines it, and turns it into consistently effective drugs and techniques. Homeopathy, for all its faults, is a fair a place as any at working out new cures for ailments. Unfortunately, a lot of people who subscribe to homeopathy ignore proper medical care. Homeopathic methods are not the best at healing, but they do give ideas from which more effective methods of healing can be developed.

  • Yes they are the basis for all medicine

    Homeopathic methods should not be ignored in creating medicine. They are really the basis for all medicine creation. Homeopathic medicine has been practiced longer then other methods and has been proven effective for many civilizations for many years. To ignore the method would be a very big mistake in the future of medicine.

  • Yes they make sense!

    As a person that has suffered from a disease that called Gastroparesis it is where the food sits in your stomach and makes one very sick and doesn't digest at all but rots in your stomach. All that traditional medicine could offer me was artificial feeding tubes, gastric pacemaker. When I went and started down the homeopathic route I learned that I had inflammation of my Vagus Nerve, and that I had a 7% subluxation in my spine that was causing my food to not digest my food properly. All traditional medicine did was say take this drug and this drug. I was on 17 different medications, couldn't eat or drink. The doctors told me the only thing to eat was milk shakes. When I saw the cellular healing diet they told me to juice and do smoothies. When you ask a Gastroenterologist why can't you keep anything healthy in your body, but you can accept junk food and he responds with I don't know it showed me he wasn't very educated and didn't care about me as a patient. What I did was seek out a chiropractor who got me back on track with my health and mindset also. I had GERD I got rid of it by eating a more alkaline diet, eating whole foods, nutrient dense foods. My body healed its self. The doctors tried to put a feeding tube in me also. They said my esophagus had stopped working and I said the body was meant to heal its self. I don't let traditional medicine tell me what drugs to take. I tell them what I am doing. I am a miracle that happened

  • It can do emotional good.

    Yes, homeopathic methods make sense in creating medicine, because helping people with emotional remedies can often do a lot of good. To truly help a person with medicine, the whole person must be treated, not just the physical person. If the emotional or spiritual person can be treated with homeopathic remedies, that should be worked into medicine.

  • No, homepathic methods should not be considered in creating medicine.

    Homeopathic methods take into account the whole person. They believe the body is capable of healing itself naturally in most cases. I respect Homeopathic methods, but believe they should remain separate and apart from the creation of medicine. Medicine must be aggressive and engineered to target specific symptoms. Medicine can go from alleviating a sinus infection to saving a life.

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