• Actually Intelligent Evidence of a Choice

    Many people say that being gay is not a choice and can be changed through adolescence and the mass-release of hormones during puberty. If so, then how did I, a 52-year-old man, JUST REALIZE that I am really straight? I have always been attracted to built and handsome guys, and girls were just...there...I guess. But over the past year, I slowly realized that I completely lost sexual interest in men, broke up with my male partner, and found my beautiful wife, with our first kid on the way. Try to prove MY story.

  • Gays Aren't Pre-programmed to be so

    There is not a single scientist who can isolate a "gay" gene, its a myth that one even exists. Humanity is programmed to mate with the opposite gender, that's the only way to make life and the "key" only fits into a "lock" so to speak. Homosexuals make the choice to be so.

  • Yes, they have to

    All homosexuals make the conscious choice to be gay. They say they were "born that way" to confuse the people who ridicule them and to have an excuse. They had to have made the choice, because everyone else in their right mind was born straight, as it should be, and made no conscious decision to be straight. Given, people who are gay often were abused as children in some way, so it may be understandable, but they should try to get help.

  • Sex is a choice

    I think we can all agree that a homosexual is a person who engages in sexual acts with another person of the same gender. Having sex is a choice. You don't have to do it. If you're not having sex with a person of the same gender (or entertaining sexual fantasies), you're not a homosexual. This has nothing to do with race. You're born black or white or whichever race you are and that is you forever. Who you do and do not have sex with is a conscious, temporary, decision.

  • The case for sexual fluidity

    It is false to say that all gays are born that way. Some possibly are, although there is no compelling evidence for a genetic predispostion for homosexuality. I suspect it's more a case of a mixture of genes and environment. Some people simply experiment, either in a practical sense or in their minds, with the experience of homosexuality, and they decide it's for them. Their family and friends and prevailing cultural attitudes towards homosexuality play an important role here. This is not to deny that many (perhaps even most) gays have always felt themselves to be gay. It's simply to say that sexual orientation is not always set in stone from a biological perspective. The "born gay" argument applies to some but not all.

  • No evidence

    Scientists haven't found one gene in a homosexual that shows how they were born that way, heterosexual is natural, it is how life and society still exist, homosexuality doesn't pro-create or provide any production to life, I have absolutely no reason to believe that being gay is a birth defect at all.

  • In Essence, Yes

    Yes, homosexuals choose to be gay. No matter what proclivities a person may have, at some point in their lives they have to make a conscious decision to accept them and practice them. The other choice would be to ignore the tendencies and not give in to them. What it boils down to is that at some point in their lives, homosexuals have to make a choice – to lead a gay lifestyle or not.

  • It hasn't been proven that people are born gay

    With all the research, scientists have not discovered a gay gene, therefore, based on our current research there is no way to prove that people are born gay or straight. Maybe in the future, they will find it, but right now the only plausible option is the one that is still supported.

  • Its only natural

    Humans have been programmed since the beginning of time to spread their seed and reproduce. Obviously this is what is natural and normal. Show me some evidence that proves people have a mental part of them that makes them gay, and maybe I will reconsider. But being gay seems to come purely from society. Now that being gay has become such a big thing lately, people want to get on the bandwagon and be gay only for the attention.

  • Simple as that

    People chose to become homosexual, the same way they chose to be religious or not. When a child is born, he is taught that there is God, and one must follow his commandments or else he'll go to hell. But if the child's parent's suck at being good parents, and they give to much freedom, he can be easily spoiled and influenced by others. Especially nowadays when every fifth male is homosexual, and it is sort of a trend to be gay, the children learn from the people who surround them. Some children simply look at the wrong "idols" and follow the wrong steps.

  • I am gay

    I am gay, I did not choose to be, I have known since I was very young... I am just not attracted to the opposite sex, but very attracted to other males. I love guys because i was born this way,I never chose. When did you choose to be straight?

  • No They Do Not

    I would say homosexuals choose to be gay in the same way an apple chooses to be an apple. If someone is heterosexual would you describe them as 'choosing' to be straight? Do people 'choose' to be born black or white or Asian? Being a homosexual isn't something people choose it is just who and what they are.

  • I didn't choose.

    There may be some people who choose to be homosexual, but I can assure you that I did not. Homosexuality is found in a multitude of species, and heterosexuality is natural, it's also just a majority. Homosexuality isn't unnatural, it's just a minority, and with people like those who say yes, it always will be. I never woke up one day and said "Wow...I think I like men," I went through middle school saying, "This isn't normal..." and then I came to the realization that I'm homosexual.

  • Nobody consciously chooses their sexuality.

    People don't just wake up one day and decide to be gay, straight, bisexual, etc. Whether someone decides to be open about their sexuality or somehow repress it is another story. People can't help which gender they're attracted to. I think it has some biological basis to it as well. I see some people saying things like, "Well, I "used to be" gay, but I decided not to anymore." You aren't deciding not to be gay. You are still gay. You're just choosing not to act on it and repressing it. That's completely different than deciding one way or the other. Sexuality isn't a choice. It just happens.

  • Why would they choose to be gay?

    Gays are often kicked out of homes and churches, assaulted or even killed just for liking the same sex. Why would they choose to be singled out by society? Heterosexuals don't make a decision to be straight. No one has ever been at a point in their life where they think to themselves "Hmmm, I think I'm going to like the opposite gender." People are just born with their sexuality.

  • Born that way

    How can they choose? I'm gay and I've always been gay. I can still recall moments in my life when I was just a little kid and I was clearly attracted to being around men. I never knew I was gay until I watched my first (straight) porno. I was just born that wayb there was never a time in my life where I told myself, "Today I'm going to be gay." Sometimes I wish I wasn't gay but there is nothing I can do about that because I was born that way and its embedded in me. It like saying/asking if I chose to have blue eyes or if I chose to have two arms. I was born that way, I never chose to be gay and you can't choose to be straight. You can lie to yourself and force yourself to act straight when really youre gay but youre still gay.

  • No, Homosexuals Do Not Choose to be Gay

    Why would anyone choose to have half of the world hate them and another quarter of the world pity them. Homosexuality is simply a genetic variance in nature that is just as much of a choice as people born left handed, ambidextrous or heterochromia. Homosexuals choose to be gay just as much as heterosexuals choose to be straight. It isn't a choice, it is just who you are...

  • Born this way

    People tend to go with the flow, be like those around them. With this being the case, why would someone chose to be such a minority? Specifically, why would anyone chose to be a much hated minority that has no obvious benefits? That's like saying someone chooses to be born black. Regardless, you cannot be gay if you are born straight, or vice-versa (even if someone specifically wishes to stand out in this method, it is not possible).

  • Chose to be gay?

    If a person choses to be gay then when did you chose to be straight? I mean honestly if it's easier being straight and fitting in wouldnt you think that person will choose to be straight and try not to draw attention to themselves? What idiotic person is going to be different so they could be picked on for the rest of their life?

  • No, ones sexual identity is not a choice at all.

    Many studies have shown that an individuals sexual identity is determined by the age of 6. Aside from that, many studies also conclude that it's a natural progression and maturation of particular genetic codes in DNA that make this determination. So, this data emphatically suggests that homosexuals are predisposed to be gay by their genes, not by their own decisions. They can't choose their sexuality any more than a Zebra can choose to remove it's stripes.

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