• Everyone does yes

    With the whole "homosexuality is a sin" thing aside, everyone has free will, anyone who doesn't believe this has been watching too much "invasion of the body snatchers", if I want my hand to type this comment, it does, it doesn't just think it has something better to do and go ahead and do something else, we have complete and total control over our bodies at all times, unless you have ceasures, anyway, we are humans, not animals, so it is time to stop acting like it!

  • Especially if they deny.

    Since when did the homosexual community DECIDE they were experts on free will? Watch them distance themselves from expertise. They have to. They're the last people to say whether anyone has free will since they refuse to embrace it. Because they know it implies holding themselves morally accountable by biblical standards and they really don't want to do that. Oh? You don't choose homosexuality, it chooses you? Guess what? So does free will.

  • We need to stop being judgement all in this country!! Free country or locked country?

    Us Americans should be able to have any kind of relation ship without anybody saying "we don't want you here or there's no right for you to get will gays!!" Homosexual people hear that all the time in the tv and news and if we continue or country like this I believe we will go back to racism some may even say we already are racist

  • Stop judjing people

    Are there any elements of choice, when it comes to carrying out homosexual acts? Are homosexuals "born that way"? Would it outrage their personhood to suppress the desire to fornicate with a member of the same sex?

    Dr. James Dobson, a Christian media personality and author, told Larry King:

    I don’t blame homosexuals for being angry when people say they’ve made a choice to be gay, because they don’t. It usually comes out of very, very early childhood, and this is very controversial, but this is what I believe and many other people believe, that it has to do with an identity crisis that occurs too early to remember it, where a boy is born with an attachment to his mother and she is everything to him for about 18 months, and between 18 months and five years, he needs to detach from her and to reattach to his father. It’s a very important developmental task, and if his dad is gone or abusive or disinterested or maybe there’s just not a good fit there, what’s he going to do? He remains bonded to his mother ... [1]
    Charles Socarides wrote:

    What happens to those of us who stand up and object? Gay activists have already anticipated that. They have created a kind of conventional wisdom: that we suffer from homophobia, a disease that has actually been invented by gays projecting their own fear on society. And we are bigots besides, because, they say, we fail to deal with gays compassionately. Gays are now no different than people born black or Hispanic or physically challenged. Since gays are born that way and have no choice about their sexual orientation, anyone who calls same-sex sex an aberration is now a bigot. [2]
    Firstly, I would like to point out that Socarides is either an idiot or someone with a very poor choice of words.

    Secondly, homosexuality is not a "choice". You may be able to choose who you have sex with, but certainly not who you desire. ChrisQ 19:46, 5 March 2008 (EST)

    You are wrong. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. The idea that it isn't is the result of liberal lies. --CRDJones 16:05, 10 June 2010 (EDT)

  • Yes of course

    The definition of free will is "the ability to act at ones own discretion" Can they freely own a house, can they freely do things. Yes. Everyone to some extent has free will. No one has complete full will due to the fact that you can't do whatever you want. (you can't go around killing babies because you want to)

  • Neither "chooses'' who they are attracted to! This question is very strange.

    I am saying no because I do not believe we have free will in general (I am what you call a "hard determinist"). But there is something very important to notice in this debate:

    Firstly, does anyone feel (regardless of your sexuality) that you actually "choose" who you are attracted to? I certainly didn't sit down and choose what characteristics I find attractive. If anything I "discovered" what characteristics I found attractive. With this in mind:

    1) If you claim that homosexuality is a choice, then you have to also hold that heterosexuality is a choice.

    2) If you claim that homosexuals do not have free will on the basis of their attraction to the same sex, then you are also logically committed to hold that heterosexuals do not have free will because of their attraction to the opposite sex.

    Now just think about that for a second.

  • There is no such a thing as "Free Will"

    "Free Will" is a simplistic excuse. An excuse for the existence of bad things ("evil") in the ostensible presence of God. An excuse for the draconian criminal law and neglect of mental illness. And excuse to impose the will of some on others. It is not a real thing. Just an apologist argument for the existence of God.

  • Yes, as everybody else does

    From our personal concious perspective, free will is definitely something that exists, in the same way as conciousness itself is something that exists. What we perceive as decisions that we conciously make and justify should be thought of as our personal sense of free will.

    After coming to a conclusion that it is rational and useful to think about our personal self as a concious entity capable of free will, I think it is also rational and useful for us to assume that the other people are also entities with self-perception and conciousness that is very similar to ours.

    However, there are also many behaviours and decisions that are not usually perceived as intentional and arising from the concious part of self and we often do them without our conciousness even noticing.
    Blinking, breathing, impulsive and reflexive behaviors, and of course memorizing and forgetting are usuallly unconcious actions.

    Legal systems all over the world are built upon the difference between concious and unconcious, and this manifests on a most significant scale in criminal law. This is the idea of a "guilty mind" - there must be a concious intention to commit an unlawful act.

    The existence of a concious foreseen intention beyond reasonable doubt is neccessary to hold a person responsible for a consequence of his actions in a full extent. If you kill someone in your sleep without concious intention, you won't be found guilty.

    So, everybody has a free will, including people with a deviation within the homosexuality spectrum, but of course this free
    will applies only to some of their actions, a lot of them are within the realm of subconcious.
    During the last few decades, homosexuality has been tirelessly studied, examined, and studies have found major differences in brain constituency between homosexuals and heterosexuals.
    It is deeply built within the brain and cannot be cured, in the same way as some people are born left-handed or with exceptionally high or low intelligence. It is not specifically a mental illness, as it does not cause mental discomfort in of itself, and all attempts to cure and change it are bound to only make the person's life worse.

    There is no aspect that could be classified as "wrong" when it comes to sexual relations between any two consenting adults from a rational perspective. You can argue that if someone does not want his car stolen, when a thief steals his car the thief has committed a wrong act.
    However, if you are a unmarried homosexual man and you enjoy a consensual sex with another man, it was far from a wrong thing.
    It might be a wrong thing if they did it in the public, but that would be only for the same reason that a public heterosexual intercourse might be wrong, not for the homosexual nature of the act.

    We are able to coexist with stupid people, why can't we coexist with homosexuals? Stupid people are much more dangerous to our lives and our future, anyways.

  • When did everyone here choose their sexuality?

    I am straight, but I did not choose nor want to be straight it is simply what I identify as based on how I respond to stimuli. Who am I, or anyone, to say otherwise about homosexuals? Why are people so sure free will exists? I'll ask a hypothetical question: How do you know you are deciding your next move on your own and that it isn't simply influenced by your past experiences and brain chemistry?

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