• Clearly yes, but make homophobes good neighbors?

    Yes, they do, as there is no reason why they shouldn't. An alleged confusion of gender roles not only implies that we are fully dependend on our parents to develop our gender roles (not that we'd live in a society or something), but also that even every heterosexual family where man and woman are equal might lead to confusion. Since opponents of 'homosexual parenting' commonly claim that current family structures don't lead to the slightest confusion despite equality between man and woman, I don't see why homosexual parents should.

    Moreover, two people on the 'no'-side refered to unnamed studies, which they claim to show that life for children of homosexual parents may result in higher rates of suicide. What is never addressed, however, is whether these higher rates of suicide may simply arise from the fact, that children of gay parents are constantly bullied by homophobes, who oppose their lifestyle because of self-righteous attitudes.

  • Yes, homosexuals are parents because they chose it.

    It is not easy to become a parent when you are a homosexual, you either have to go through legal channels to adopt, or you have to engage a third party to either carry a child for you or be a sperm donor. These situations can be pretty complicated and yet some homosexuals really want to have children. My thoughts are that you would have to be in a strongly committed relationship to be able to get through all the hoops together, far less commitment is required to have a child in a heterosexual relationship.

  • Yes

    Yes, because being a good parent has nothing to do with your sexual preferences. Homosexuals can make just as good if not better parents than regular parents. I do believe however that they should not force their preferences and beliefs to their child about homosexuality because that will create confusion and problems to a child.

  • Yes

    Homosexuality doesn't hinder anyone's ability to parent well. Homosexuals can be bad parents just the same as anyone else or they can be excellent parents. However, generally when a homosexual couple or single parent wishes to have a child they don't have one by accident, they have to plan beforehand and prepare for the child, so when homosexuals do become parents it is generally because they truly want to be and want the child they are going to have, so in that sense, they are already excellent parents.

  • I strongly believe homosexuals make good parents because I am a product of same-sex parenting.

    I am 16 and have two mothers of my own, I always have. Despite what others may think, I believe same-sex parenting is just as effective as heterosexual parenting. I'm not or never have been delayed in any way, I've always maintained good grades, excellent mental, social, and physical health, and I've never needed nor have I wanted my father in my life; unless of course he wanted to be apart of it, which isn't the case. The only downside in having same-sex parents is the discrimination and ignorance of others. Also, having same-sex parents doesn't mean I too am a homosexual, however, it I was to decide to be, it would be my own choice - with or without same-sex parents. Of course people are welcome to have their own opinions, even if you disagree, I would hope people wouldn't put you down because I sure don't like it happening to me.

  • I can't believe this is still a question from society.

    Yes, of course homosexuals are "good parents". Homosexuals are more open if their children are "different", and don't shame them because of it. I plan on raising my child, with another man, and not enforcing how they should act/think/feel etc. however, not everyone is fit for being a parent. Homosexuals should not be held to different parenting standards just because of their sexual orientation. (Just because you find one bad set of homosexual parents, doesn't mean there isn't 5 more bad heterosexual parents.)

  • One couple is as good another

    Any parent can be a good parent as long as they are prepared to face the responsibility of parenthood. If anything, homosexuals are more adequately prepared than most heterosexual pregnancies that occur from accidental insemination. They have to be willing to go through a possibly lengthy and arduous adoption process to get a child, meaning that they know exactly what they are getting into and are more than willing to do.

  • Of course! Stop following the bible.

    Please put aside your bible and think with your own thoughts, not with what is written in this book that was created by drunk men 2300 years ago...!
    Try to be less of a hater.
    A parent is a good one whatever the skin color, age, sexual orientation, etc.. If this parent gives the kid social attention, love, protection, school rights, etc.
    What a kid need is love and stable life! Some homosexuals parent gives better stable life then a mother who dont know who the father his, even if she is hetero!

  • Sexual orientation has nothing to do with being a parent.

    I know a great family of two women and a child. I have to say that the child is extremely happy with both of her mothers, and when I had asked if she would rather of had a father [in my own curiosity] She said in her childish innocence; "If I had a daddy, I'd have to give up one of my mommies! I'm happy with my family!" God I love how honest children are.

  • Absolutely

    Not only does this question not matter, but we don't use this subjective metric in most other senses. People would be terribly offended if I asked "do Christians make good parents?" or "do White people make good parents?", but because some people have decided that being gay is something they have the right to pass judgment on, this becomes, somehow, a debatable topic.

  • There are studies

    Proving that children of gay couples have many problems. They have higher chance of attempting suicide, for example. A simple search with the correct words will show several sources describing the studies. Others could argue that there are studies showing that there are no differences, but these other studies compared children of same sex couples with broken families (divorced parents, remarried couples, etc)

    Posted by: Rafe

    The best studies show that children in homosexual homes look very similar to those in heterosexual homes. What the these studies don't tell you up front is that the comparisons are made between homosexual homes and homes that involve divorce, and everyone knows that the children of divorced homes have many problems and so by comparison so do those raised by homosexuals. The homosexual community shoots themselves in the foot with these comparisons. Once again the Bible hates divorce and if we would just return to the Biblical standards we would not have the problems we have today.

  • Homosexual is a sexual preference, not a definition of one's entire character.

    Should homosexuals be allowed to have adopted/surrogate children and "destroy" the concept of the traditional male and female family? Yes.

    Should there be a debate over this topic? No.

    Should there be a debate over the rights of homosexuals to become a parent? Same answer: no. Much like the straight man/woman can rightfully conceive a child and raise it as their own, the gay man/woman should be allowed this honor. There is no debate worthy of proposing in this matter. If you, as a citizen, want to keep your rights of going to church, of working where you please, of speaking what you wish, then you must also support others to have these rights as well. In a separate instance, there is a reason some—but certainly not all—criminals may be set free on account of their rights: to keep the rights of the innocent citizen. So until a person bends the rules of their rights and take advantage of them in a hateful, abusive way, you cannot obstruct the rights of your fellow citizen. To defy the rights of another based on their sexual preference, culture, skin color, or creed is to absolve YOU of the rights you have.

    Should one define the general group of gays—or straights—as suitable for parenthood? No. Homo/hetero sexuality does not even remotely describe the fitness of a person for parenthood. A parent is to treat their child(ren) using the values and morals of their own culture. When that parent goes against these morals and treats their child(ren) in their culture's "wrong way," only then are they considered an unfit parent. Therefore, a homosexual citizen has as much of a duty to be a responsible parent as a heterosexual citizen has, and should be treated as such.

  • Children need a father AND mother example

    Regardless of how much the homosexual parents love their children, the children still need an example of a mom and a dad; not a mom and a mom or dad and a dad. Having two parents of the same gender is bound to lead to developmental problems and role confusion...

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