Do hospitals and medical professionals intervene too much with birth?

  • Lack of Autonomy

    It is true that women die less these days from childbirth, but birth has become an industry and too many hospitals and medical professionals are violating women's rights to autonomy and bodily integrity when they are at their most vulnerable. This article / documentary sheds some light on the topic: http://www.Theguardian.Com/lifeandstyle/2012/dec/16/mothers-fighting-against-birth-intervention

  • Majority of pregnancies do not need hospital intervention

    pregnancy and childbirth has become a medial procedure. For the vast majority of births they can be at home or in a birthing center with a competent midwife. No doubt modern medicine has saved countless lives. Having a hospital nearby for a homebirth is a necessity. But being born in a hospital is most often not a necessity.

  • Medical 'industry'

    Yes, hospitals and medical professionals intervene too much with birth. Women should be able to give birth naturally at home, and not be subjected to the opinions of healthcare professionals unless the women feels it's medically necessary. Doctors and hospitals make a lot of money off of births, while the costs are a burden on women and families. Women and their families should have much more control over their personal lives.

  • In a way.

    For hundreds, thousands of years, women were having babies without medical help. Granted, many women and babies died...but obviously (proven by population growth) more survived. However, there are cases that women require medical help and intervention when it comes to birth; countless stillbirths and infant deaths have likely been prevented by amazing medical care, but it is likely that many births do not require very much intervention.

  • Medical Personnel Necessary to Ensure Health

    Modern medicine is a marvel. Low fatality rates for both mother and child during childbirth exist in the United States and other developed countries for a reason. Doctors and nurses should be present at birth to ensure nothing goes wrong and to offer sound medical advice during the birth. Although humans have given birth for thousands of years without modern medicine, having medical professionals nearby is a sound idea for anyone going through childbirth.

  • Not at all

    There are many options available to pregnant women when it is time to deliver their baby. Most choose to go to a hospital where doctors and medical professionals are there to help 24/7. If the expecting mother wanted to do it without hospitals and medical staff intervening too much they could easily choose a birthing center or home birth. The truth is, labor and birth are very complicating so it is important to have good medical care close near by for the unexpected emergencies.

    Posted by: jus
  • No.

    Birth is a very complicated and risky process. The natural rate of fatalities is roughly 1500 deaths per 100,000 births, however modern medicine has reduced this to about 10 per 100,000 births. While I would not say that hospitals or medical professionals are always necessary, seeing as it's a life-or-death situation I don't think erring on the side of caution is unwise.

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