Do hospitals give mothers enough Caesarean section recovery time?

  • Doctors make appropriate choices.

    Hospitals aren't in charge of giving patients recovery time. Doctors are. And where I live in the United States, doctors judge how long a patient should remain in the hospital based on their own unique set of symptoms and conditions. There is no doctor I can think of who would kick a mom out of a hospital before she was well enough to go home.

  • Mother Can Rest at Home

    With Caesarian sections so common now and health care just a phone call away, mothers can rest and recover at home just as easily as they can in the hospital. Hospitals give mothers plenty of time (two to three days) to recover from the procedure. Modern medicine is good enough to where mothers can get home quicker without much of a fuss.

  • Moms don’t get enough time

    No, I believe mothers do not get enough recovery time after a c section. As well as many other major surgery’s these days hospitals are kicking patients out as soon as they start healing, But are nowhere near close to healed. Mothers should take all the time they need in the hospital to recover without anyone trying to force them out the door!

  • No,hospitals do not givemothers enough Caesarean section recovery time.

    Unfortunately today's health care environment is based solely on profit.This is why hospitals give mothers so little time to recover from caesarean sections.In reality some people need a lot of extra time to recover because of complications they might encounter through their pregnancy and childbirth that might be treacherous for mother and child.

  • Hospitals do not give mothers who undergo Caesarean section deliveries enough recovery time.

    Many hospitals are adopting the 2-3 day stay standard for mothers who give birth via Caesarean section. So, unless there are complications from the surgery or delivery, mothers are sent home expecting to be fully recovered and able to handle the rigors of motherhood after that short period after surgery. Caesarean delivery entails the cutting of skin, layers of fat, the pushing of the abdominal muscles and cutting of the peritoneum. Then the uterus is cut open everything is held open to access the baby for delivery. This is major surgery. Although some mothers don't need the extra time in the hospital, many mothers do. They undergo undue stress from their recovery as well as having to care for their new baby. Being sent home without that extra time to recover from the surgery, and from all the emotions of delivery is a disservice to mothers.

  • Hospitals should send C-Sections patients home when they are well enough to go home.

    Many times hospitals send C-section patient homes because their insurance companies have dictated a certain amount of time to recover from a C-Section. Hospitals should take each patient on a case-by-case basis. If support for the patient is not available at home, they should be allowed to stay. If they cannot pay for an extra day, they should still be allowed to stay until they are well enough to take care of their baby.

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