• I don’t see how no can be an answer.

    The question is like asking, Do we have the right to keep ourselves alive. If anyone for some reason answered no, That means you believe that we are not entitled to keep ourselves alive for some reason? Ofc we should have the right to make sure we don’t get injured or hurt by others.

  • There are those people out there that want to completely up-end our Constitution and take away most of our basic rights.

    If we do not support the right of self defense, which is a basic human right, we might as well give up the rest of our freedoms. Home invasion robberies have increased over the past three decades and an individual should have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. Once we lose the right to defend ourselves, then we will have a real police state and we will have to surrender all of our basic rights.,

  • Yes, ever human being has a right to defend his or her self.

    Every single human being has an inherent right to defend his or her self if they are being threatened. Is it not a founding principle of our nation that ever person has the right to "life, liberty, and (the protection of) property"? The United Nations has even declared the right to self defense as a basic human right that shall not be infringed.

  • Here in America

    Here in the United States for sure, we have a right to defend ourselves against a threat, using as much force as needed to make that threat go away. The second amendment protects our right to carry a firearm, which is the main way to defend yourself against a threat.

  • Humans Have the Right to Self-Defense

    Human beings have a fundamental right to defend ourselves from attack, harm, and violence. Self-defense is a form of self-preservation, and the tendency to protect ourselves and the people we love is a natural mechanism. Self-defense can be taken too far (such as Stand Your Ground laws in some U.S. States), but the act of protecting ones self from danger is a basic human instinct.

  • It is a basic right.

    Yes, human beings have a right to self-defense, because the right to security of person is a basic human right. A human being has the right to defend himself or herself if the threat is from a person, from an animal, or even from a natural disaster. What is most important is human life. If a person or even threatens that, there is less harm done by fighting back.

  • We do have a right.

    Of course human beings have the right to self-defense. It is a natural instinct to defend yourself from an attacker. What if you are cornered and someone starts attacking you? Ball up in the fetal position and hope someone saves you? No, you go on and try to fight your way out.

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