• Humans do not know how to eat properly and need to be educated

    The current generation has grown up with the ease of fast food and processed food to make life easier. Many young people have no idea where their food actually comes from to know fresh from processed. More information on how foods are processed and what is in them needs to be given to the youth of today so that they will desire less processed food and more fresh food.

  • Yes They Do

    At least in America, I believe humans do need more information on eating well. Within America, I would say one of the biggest problems is portion control. A lot of people in this country don't seem to understand how small a real portion is, which leads to over eating without even realizing it.

  • Yes, human beings need more information on eating well.

    Yes, human beings need more information on eating well. More information on anything only leads to potential better decision making. As for health and eating well, this is a very important factor for so many people since the obesity rate is so high and medical expensive are exploding from trying to treat a preventable issue among people. The information needs to be better targeted at their audience of choices to hopefully motivate and chance some of there poor eating habits. There will always be a certain amount of humans that will choice to do nothing just because they can even if the information is out there. This does not change the fact that more information leads to better knowledge and understanding.

  • We Have The Information

    There is plenty of information out there and we all see and hear it most every day. The amount of information is not the issue so much, but people don't use this information. It stares us in the face going in one ear and out the other while we sit there eating a box of doughnuts ans wonder why we are still fat.

  • We have the knowledge, lets use it when choicing our food

    How many more commercials, seminars, weight loss programs, diets must people endure before they realize the answers are right in front of them? From the moment we start school and even before, we teach our children the main food groups. Over time, we become selfish, greedy and gluttons when it comes to food. It seems this country has no desire to eat healthy but to simply eat what tastes good. How many people out there really think eating a big fat dripped burger with extra cheese, heavy on the mayo and a diet coke is going to do any good for the practice of eating well? How many of these same people know smaller portions, greens, veggies, fruits and lets not forget water are the essentials to eating better? Thanks to the WWW and Google, that knowledge is there, you just have to want to seek it and make changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Its no longer a question on if more information is needed, its do people really think they need the information.

  • No, we need less information.

    The information on eating well is too much and too complex. The fact of the matter is that around 70% of our diet is supposed to be of vegetation. Mostly leafy greens. The rest of it can be a mix of fruits, fats, and proteins. It isn't very complicated at all. Just study our closest relatives in the great ape family.

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