• A God is a God

    No matter what, where, or who, the thought of a God is pretty general. It is something all powerful, all knowing, and in control of the world. Somewhere people can put their faith, and something to believe in. That is what a God is. There are tons of religions but that doesn't matter. The concept is pretty much the same.

  • Humans will never agree on what god is because god cannot be defined.

    Unless all humans agree that the sun is a god. Humans do not have an experience shared by all in the exact same way on a daily basis (past, present, and future) that would allow us to all come up with the same answer as to what a God is. That is why different cultures and regions have different ideas of what a god is.

  • Thats a Obvious one

    There are hundreds of thousands of beliefs and you really only need two..So just pick any two and you get your answer. Though the majority believe there is a God outside of space and time not all who believe this worship God in the same way and fashion. The end.

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