Do Humans have any advantages other than our Brains and our technology.

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  • Human are superior in terms of morality.

    Nature conferred only upon our species the full set of morals, comprised of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom. There is no other animal that stands up for what is right, condemns what is wrong, enforces rules that promote virtue, and otherwise promote through virtue the development of society as well as humans do.

    ' 'That whereby man differs from the lower animals is but small. The mass of people cast it away, while superior men preserve it. Shun clearly understood the multitude of things, and closely observed the relations of humanity. He walked along the path of benevolence and righteousness; he did not need to pursue benevolence and righteousness.' (Mencius 8.19)


    Besides that, humans are superior to animals in terms of language ability. Studies have repeatedly shown that animals merely respond to stimuli when they attempt to learn language. They cannot, by any means, have language in the human sense.

    The properties of human language that make it superior to animal language include reflexivity, displacement, arbitrariness, productivity, cultural transmission and duality. I am happy to elaborate on these properties if anyone is interested, but this is getting a bit long for an opinions argument and further elaboration won't contribute too much to the question.

  • We are one of the best distance runners

    We have several features that make us great distance runners when we apply our selves. Our upright posture increases our lung capacity and reduces sun exposure keeping us cool. We also are very good at sweating which cools us down very efficiently. Believe it or not a human athlete is capable of running 20+ miles and can do so at a higher average speed than a horse. Our ancient ancestors would literally chase there pretty until it died of heat exhaustion. Many believe that distance running is our primary evolutionary niche and that our intelligence developed to aid this method of hunting so that we could track animals by visual evidence unlike other animals that use smell to track thier prey which can be effected by wind directions and other factors. In addition we became capable of complex communication to organize ourselves.

  • Opposable thumbs yo

    We are one of the few species in the world with opposable thumbs. This also means that we are one of the few species in the world that can throw accurately. Ever seen a bear or tiger throw a rock? Didn't think so.

    The almost near uniqueness of our ability to throw accurately was not discovered and used due to intelligence but it was inborn in our physique.

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