Do humans have free will (yes) or are we controlled by God (no)?

  • Yes, there's free will within limits.

    I do believe that we all have free will to act and choose for the good or for the bad. Of course that is tempered by what our brain can take in, which we might say is set by Creation or by God if you want to call it that. So we are free within limits.

  • Yes, people have Free Will.

    Free Will, in the Christian belief, was imparted on man from the beginning. This is why Christians believe that Eve, and then Adam, made a willful decision to reject God's commandment not to eat the fruit on a tree that they were forbidden to eat from, leading to the Fall of Man. Free Will means that people are able to make decisions, good or bad, without being controlled in what they do.

  • Yes free will.

    Humans have free will. If you are religious than God gave us the ability of free will, that is why we have so many troubles in our world. If you are not religious than you most likely would believe in free will anyways. Either way I do think we are given free will.

  • We have free will

    People make decisions because in some context they have chosen to, while it's possible there's a higher being making the calls there's nothing to actually indicate it. As it stands right now, the only rational conclusion a person can make is that while people may be guided by situations in their lives, free will exists.

  • No free will no judgement

    From a logical standpoint, if we don't have free will, then learning in church and judgement day are completely pointless. Why would God be angry in Revelation if there is no free will? Why would Hell exist? Why take vengeance on the Antichrist and the world. Why not just stick us in Heaven like zombies with no free will?

  • It's our choice, our free will.

    God gives people their own choice of what to do. He doesn't pressure us to follow him. It is our own choice if we want to follow him or not. It is our own choice in everything. It was the human's idea of presidents. The human's idea for tanks. The human's idea for statues. The human's idea for astronauts. Duh...

  • Of course we have free will!

    If we didn't have free will, and could only perform God's will, then we wouldn't have the capacity to sin, and we would be incapable of murder, adultery, lying, witchcraft, pride, not forgiving others, and every other sin. If we were only capable of doing what God wants us to, then there would be no death, and we would all be happily living in the Garden of Eden, living an easy, peaceful existence, in complete harmony with our Creator. Sin is the exact opposite of what God wants us to do, and we are capable of sinning, therefore, we have free will.

  • I Believe We Have Free Will

    I do not believe we are controlled by God, I believe humans have free will. I believe this because in any given day a human makes tons of decisions, some insignificant, but many important and then not only is there me but there's billions of other people on the planet. If God were controlling me then I'd have to say he was controlling everyone else. For me, when you look at it from that perspective, that seems like an awful lot of busy work, day in and day out, for however long he decides to keep it up. I just don't find that realistic, even for God.

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