• Yes, all humans have souls.

    There is much evidence to support this, just not the kind you can measure, weigh, or put in a lab for testing. Though the spiritually weak fail to bother to investigate any of it. They want it dropped in their laps which is extremely rare. They'll find out the hard way it's true.

  • Of course Silly!

    You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul. You have a body. After all... What is your conscience? Your body is just a biological machine, but what is it that makes you YOU. I want all who read this to just sit and think about this for a while. If you truly have no soul then what are you. If you've ever had a child you know that is the most powerful love you will ever feel. Explain your love for that child. Is it really just chemical reactions in you brain. We all have souls my friends. WE are all a part of God, we are all a part of the universe. And in the end we will all be one.

  • Yes but in a different way than you might think.

    I believe our world is also part of another world, which now we will call the spiritual one. In that world your soul comes from. But it's not one soul as you imagine it's rather bunch of tiny souls, you can imagine them as cells that connects to your body and collects every information you gather as you live your life, which is a reason why when people with amputated arm have phantom arm, don't know if it fades away but if it does, it proves that when a part of you is killed (amputated, or in case of a brain, lobotomy) those souls which have been connected to that part fade away to the spiritual world. With brain it's more complex, because when something happens to your brain (brain damage or said lobotomy above) then the part dies away and souls affecting that part too, and because those souls in brain were special, they cannot alone, so it's malfunctioning but it can still work, kind of like when a plane is missing a part but is still able to make a safe landing. If we are talking soul, like the personality, your favorite food etc. it's the part in your brain, so when people who suffer from mental illness are normal when they are back in spiritual world. Also this belief leads me to idea that this life is kind of like a huge role play but that's for another topic.

  • Weight After Life.

    It's been said that when the human body dies, it loses at least an ounce of weight. Now, could this be from the momentum of the blood and heart beats adding weight to the body, and when we die, it stops and we lost it? It's highly possible, but I believe that if we were just bodies waking around, we'd all be robots, programmed to do precisely the same actions. Whereas if we have a soul, it explains our differences.

  • Yes, of course all living beings have souls!

    We don't HAVE a soul, we ARE a soul! We HAVE a body!
    The soul is who we are, what we feel on the inside, the body can change. We can live without a body and we can be reincarnate in a new body! Energy cannot be destroyed, it only can be transferred!

  • Not empirically verifiable.

    The concept most people call a "soul" is typically unfalsifiable and has no tangible bearing on reality. That it may exist in a supernatural sense is akin (if one dismisses the unsubstantiated testimonies of religious authorities) to any claim that "X exists but cannot be detected and doesn't affect reality". If, on the other hand, one maintains that a soul is what gives us our "free will" or otherwise impacts our decision-making by altering the laws of physics in the brain, I believe -- given no indication to the contrary -- that no scientific evidence will ever be found and that laws of physics are applied universally.

  • Not that we can determine.

    There isn't any reason to believe that we have souls, and no evidence has ever been put forth to legitimize such a theory.

    People tend to have a very hard time coming up with a unified description of what a "soul" even is.

    Until we can determine what is considered a soul, and put forth several legitimate studies to help support this idea, we have no good reason to think that anything that makes us "us" is anywhere but in our brains.

  • Of Course Not

    Before we knew what we now do about the brain and its functions (and really about biological life and its mechanics in general) the idea of a soul served to neatly explain those difficult questions that science at the time could not answer, such as why is human thought and communication different from those of (other) animals, what is the seat of consciousness, where does awareness and memory stem from, etc. We no longer have any need for this fairytale. It has long since become obsolete.

  • The Soul is Outdated:

    As far as I can tell the "soul" was and still is used specifically to refer to the elements of human life that seem to be beyond our understanding relating to humans themselves. I would infer that it is unlikely that souls exist if only because it is unlikely that any bodily disconnect exists as all of them throughout history, including "The Mind" or dualism, have been based on a lack of understanding rather than a functional explanation.

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