• Its about the small things.

    Of course we will evolve, we can't lose it. There just will not be any enormous changes, just small ones like a lesser muscles etc. The only thing that shows us we are at the top of the evolution is our back, it hurts a lot. So we won't grow a second head because our spine can't handle it. But small changes like a toe less will not hurt us.

  • Is it possible yes, will our race likely be around long enough to find out no

    Evolution occurs over slowly strengthening and adapting in some way or another over a generations yeah?. What of these are we doing? None! Society as a whole is getting lazier and dumber, we sit on the lounge all day, eat unnatural processed food, allow computers and smart phones to occupy our time and mind even let them think for us pretty much. We are finding worse and more terrifying ways to kill each other every day there are wars that are worse and worse each time a new one is started its only a matter of time until we eradicate ourselves from existence one way or another we are too self destructive

  • A die-ing world needs the evolution of men

    Evolution is what occurs when circumstances around us humans change. Examples for those occurrences can be/are:
    - changing nature (extreme weather, water level rise, CO2 lvl rise)
    - polution increase (multinationals constantly moving to low labor-cost countries which also have no rules on have to deal with industrial polution)
    - overpopulated world (exceeding the maximum capacity our earth can hold)
    - changing food sources (companies keep adding chemicals and other non-natural stuff to foods which in recent studies keep popping up as bad additives)

    For the preservation of the humans i believe that in ongoing changes that threaten our existence, a small group of humans will evolve and adapt to this changing world. Why do i say a small group...

    For one i believe nature will use every opportunity to balance itself out and currently humans have grown to much in population for the earth to support it therefore the world will first evolve around us, slowing down our growth, setting the stage for evolutionary jump and the executing a final change. Adaptation and thereby evolution is required for survival.

    Secondly i believe evolution is not a thing like going from a certain fixed point to another fixed point, but rather an vague understanding (natural/philosophical) of where to go and by means of trail and error getting there. Therefore it is not possible for all humans to evolve properly and in direct effect some evolutions fail and die off. The eventual outcome of this process will be the next step in evolution

    These are some statement of why i think we will evolve. The reason i don't doubt evolution is because our races have evolved for thousands of years and i am a strong believer that evolution is currently and has been constantly at work, but in a slow and gradual pace. Why do i believe that?
    - DNA profile of all human population is only 99% similar to each other. That 1% has to be the possibility of evolution
    - There are to many different people in this world with many possible thought patterns, ways to see things in a perspective all coming forth from free will, making possible terms like theology, philosophy etc., all these things are part of evolution as well and all the above terms are constantly evolving them selves .

    These are some reasons for me saying yes to evolution

  • Yes, we will continue to develop good traits.

    Yes, humans have the ability to evolve further, because humans have evolved a great deal over time. There is no reason to think that this will not continue. We have developed technology and become better as a people. Over time, humans have changed a great deal, and they will continue to make good choices that will allow them to develop further.

  • Yes of course

    All species continually evolve. It won't necessarily be good evolution though so to an extent it depends what you mean by 'further'. If you just mean 'more' then yes, we will continue to evolve. If you mean 'to a higher and better state' then I would say yes we still probably will. Since we don't really face any natural challenges any more (no natural predators/need to hunt etc) being strong or physically superior in some way is not the advantage it once was. However the more physically fit, disease resistant or intelligent people still have a slight advantage when it comes to reproducing so we will continue improving gradually. Most likely advances in science will 'improve' us much more than evolution from here on out.

  • What, did you think we lost it somehow?

    Of course humans as a species can continue to evolve. As long as natural selection thins out the best of us from the worst of us, the process shall continue; and it shall. Human beings are even unique among all creatures on earth in this respect; while all evolution up to the point of human beings has been passive, the result of random chance that some animals were born bigger and badder than the rest, the human race has the advantage of sentience; we can now Actively Evolve. We dont have to just keep reproducing until human being 2.0 pops out one day; thru education and engineering, we can proactively improve our race thousands of times faster than would have likely occured by random chance.

  • How do we evolve?

    We are amazing creatures compared to every other organism on the planet. We have created elaborate structures and communications. Although we see ourselves as amazing there are others who do not. Those who seem to have lost the very essence of what makes us different. Their minds have een influenced by greed and power. These m and woman control entire civilizations for their own corrupt sense of well being. It is hard to realize that such a small percentage of people who control our nations can ruin the ecological advancement of human beings. Until we figure out how to coalesces with negative minds we will never be able to advance. For us to understand we must change our current state of mind. Consuming less, put moral values in front and focus on love.

  • Of course we do- everything does.

    Evolution does not have a goal nor a "top species". Every species is in a constant state of evolution. As long as an organism has genes and gene mutations that can be selected for by the environment, that organism will evolve.
    We are evolving by the minute, every time someone reproduces.

  • Evolution is an ongoing process that never ends

    Our evolution never ends. People notice and deal with habitually thought & behavioral responses we commonly label "emotion" all the time which sometimes in an evolutionary sense don't fit the environment we are in. People introspect and change these habits to a degree. Maybe you learn to conquer your fear of public speaking, realizing it's "no big deal", a habitual thought & behavioral response pattern that had been used by ancestors has been overruled in this case by conviction in one's reason that essentially there's no need for such a response because there is no threat. In ancient times where people were more violent if you got them upset and there was little if anything any authorities could do it was likely to sometimes pay in terms of evolutionary fitness to fear "public speaking". Though we may come from our genes and our interactions with the environment, our parents environment also impacts us through the genes we get. Epigenetics shows that the way we act, the things we learn to do,... Affect which genes are more likely to be passed on to offspring. So evolution isn't just between generations, but every second of your life.

  • I don't think there is any way to evolve further.

    As humans, we speak, read, walk, eat with knives and forks. We have come along way since we were walking on "all fours." I don't see how we could evolve any further, unless it is to fly. However, in order to that, I believe we would have to digress to growing feathers. We evolved from an animal, a monkey on four legs. We now walk upright and use our brains.

  • There is no reason for us to evolve

    As humans, we do not rely on instinct or luck to survive. We use our brain. If we are unable to survive the next plague, do we die until a more evolved species of humans take over? Of course not. We simply develop a vaccine or antibiotic for it. If one day the whole earth is covered in water, we don't need to evolve into mermaids and mermen. We would simply live on boats and yachts until we develop permanent cities on water or in air. With the human intellect, there would be absolutely no need to evolve any further.

  • Not possible with modern medicine

    The main element for evolution is that there is a struggle to survive. A random mutation happens, which gives the host a better chance of surviving. This genetic mutation lives on and is spread though offspring. Us as humans have no struggle, no natural selection due to modern medicines, so we are more likely to devolve though the spread of negative genetic mutations.

  • Humans are holding back evolution

    We can not evolve further because we are holding it back ourselves. Illneses that work on our genetic structure are stopped in their tracks because nature doesn't change around us, we change nature. When we will ''evolve'' it would be trough scientific matters, not natural. And even if we were to evolve, our social appearance would drasticaly change, so in order for humans to evolve physically we must first evolve mentally.

  • Our DNA just does not have room

    While DNA is complex, it is also very simple. There is simply not enough "room" or room to change drastically. Besides small changes that may or may not occur, like the use of some organs due to our diet or medicine (like the appendix etc...) we simply do not have the ability to change much farther.
    If you are talking about a "general" sense of evolution, "man" needs to "evolve" his/her ways in order to survive a changing world, climate, and dangers. It is a constant struggle but we will be the downfall of the human race. At least SOME of the human race would survive a great catastrophe but that evolution would be different than a physical evolution.

  • We will evolve but for the worse?

    Evolution is survival of the fittest. Today, 99% of people will live to reproduce and if they have a cancerous gene or a bad gene it will be passed on. It isn't survival of the fittest, it's just a lottery of death. Two examples. I could be the smartest, most physically fit person ever I.e. Batman and get hit by a car and die. I was the fittest but I didnt survive. And people in poverty, even if they had the brains of Einstein, they may not live to pass their brain on. So evolution IS happening but it's not survival of the fittest.

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