• Suicide is an issue of personal autonomy.

    It is a gross violation of personal autonomy to keep someone alive against his/her will. One has the right to give up their rights voluntarily, therefore one has the right to give up his right to life voluntarily. You have no idea the level of sheer torment some people endure. Since it is better never to have been born (check out David Benatar, Pete Singer, et. al's arguments in favor of antinatalism) because of the suffering that invariably awaits a potential person, it also follows that there might come a point in an individual's life where life is no longer worth continuing. That is a personal decision and nobody (not even the state) has a right to intervene. The "grief" family, friends, employers, etc. will have to endure is irrelevant. The only person we have any responsibility to look after, and ultimately live for/serve, is ourselves.

  • I'm having a great life.

    Surely if a woman has the right to make a decision on another's life, I should have the right to decide on my own life.
    I am 67 y.O. And having a great retirement. I am financially secure (if there is such a thing). I am happily married for 40+ years. I have no children. I certainly don't see myself taking my own life as long as my wife is alive, but should she die before me and my health should slip to where I have no chance of returning to a healthy state and I have become a burden, I'm ready to go.
    My life has been so much more than I ever expected it could be. I would rather quit while I'm ahead.
    How could a merciful God or society ever blame me for that?

  • We Cant Bear The Pain Any Longer

    Suicide in my opinion is right because, sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. There is too much holding us down, we are in utter isolation, we have fallen in dispair there is no other path left for us....... The only one left for us, is death we no longer want to, nor need to live.

  • Humans should definitely have the right to commit.

    We put down sick or old ANIMALS all the time. Cats, dogs, gerbils... You name it. Why are we able to decide their fate and not our own? I think there could be a system in place where if we are considering suicide or desperately need help or whatever~ there should be therapy/rehab/wards. Attempt to get said person help and also talk with their families/friends/work/school about it. Maybe it could be averted~ but ultimately if they still want to commit they would have the right and families/friends/the person in question could make their goodbyes and whatnot before doing so. It would soften the blow instead of an 'unexpected' suicide. And the assisted suicide comes into play in the form of something that would put you down such as we would an animal.

    TL;DR Attempt to get the person help before suicide but ultimately they should be allowed to choose.

  • You own your life

    No one else owns your life. Whatever choices you have you should be free to make in your own as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. You do not have the choice of whether or not to be born, but I believe wholeheartedly you should have the choice on how and when you die of you so wish.

  • I say that yes people do have the right to suicide because we were forced to live

    From when you were conceived in your mothers womb, you were there to be born. But did we have a conscious to decide if we wanted to? We're forced to live. Seeing my life, I've gone through so much. My aunts rape and murder at age 2, my loneliness when my sister was born at age 7 (I had only my brother and parents at the time), my grandpas death at age 10, my brothers diagnosed cancer at age 12, my grandmas death at age 13 and also my depression at age 13 too. Other things in between, I didn't know this would happen. I didn't ask for this life. I didn't ask for all this sadness. We should be able to suicide without others thinking wrongly of us and without any intervention.

  • It is a matter of choice, that governs our decision from our own personal life.

    Each individual's life differs from one to another. Their life might be unbearable to themselves. It is not our right to invade their life and attach our resilience to the way they live and attack them for what they can't do and what we'd do in their situation. Sure we as humans have a escape mechanism that will allow us to escape and survive the situation, there's always a exit we can run to, but some people are wired differently, and they think and evaluate differently. Nobody thinks entirely the same way as we our deepest selves do in regards to how scenario unfolds and how we can handle the situation. Just as we can't control the day a shooter entering a school, nor a plane going out of it's path into a building, nor the day the world stood still, every time something tragic happened, we just can't control what happens to the world and how people want to deal with things. Suicide is a matter of choice, just like what anyone would want to do. They would want to choose, and people have all the right in the world to choose what they want to do. I fully support humanity's right to commit suicide, if that's the help we need, and that's the way we see it as our "great escape" away, then by all means, it should be in effect with nobody proclaiming it as an act of cowardice, or attacking/insulting the person even after his/her suicidal death.

  • I've attempted before.

    It was passion, not premeditation and obviously I failed but that doesn't mean I still didn't have the right to attempt/succeed. We have the right to life, our own individual life, that includes all parts that come with it, including death. To deny the right to end one's own life would be in a similar vein as denying someone the right to die in any circumstance.

  • They live with their mind/happiness -chemical set points.

    They have to live with their own mind and unless someone else has lived in their mind they should have no right to judge or decide what's right or wrong for that person. If someone wants to end their days, they should do it when they choose because if they don't, nature will do it regardless but maybe at a worse time or after much unneeded mental or physical suffering that was not necessary.


    My theory is that eventually we all die anyways,in fact the whole purpose of life may be to learn and do what good you can in this world, then die in order to evolve into a greater mental state,or move onto a different existence. Life and death may be a continuous loop,or it could all just end with death,the only way I think to know for sure what life is all about is to experience death. So yes if someone feels they have nothing left to contribute to this world, I honestly believe they have an obligation to see what death may or may not bring. Lots of people really have nothing left to give this world but are to scared to move to the next chapter, in fact I am one of them. The whole religious/hell side of the story has stopped me and many others from possibly doing what's best for me and others. Then again when its truly somebody's time to go they go...regardless of how or if they choose to end it themselves.I believe its within your rights,up to the individual to decide if its right for them.Honestly id much rather choose how and when I died then have it just sneak up on me.Suicide can be considered the bravest human choice or the most cowardly,just depends how you think.

  • Don't commit suicide.

    You came into this world because God sent you down here. He loves you no matter what. Don't get too caught up in trying to be perfect. The only person on this planet that's perfect is the Lord himself. Don't commit suicide, prevent it. Going through things is how life is. It's not going to get any easier; it'll be okay. Trust me, I go through bullying at school, and at home. So yea, don't commit, prevent.

  • NO!

    How dare you take your life when there are others fighting for theres! Suicidal people are cowards! I say let them die, if thery're going to be so stupid.

  • Suicide is murder

    Taking a life is wrong even if it is your own. You cause much hardship for those left behind when you commit suicide.

  • I disagree that humans have the right to commit suicide.

    Human beings have an obligation to more than just themselves. They have an obligation to their family, friends, and society. Nobody wants to have to clean up after you just because you decided you were bored with your life. There's a saying that "death is the survivor's affair". A person's death will cause much more trauma ultimately to those that were close to said person, as they will be the ones that have to experience the grief and loss of their loved one.

    Posted by: ClutteredHai44
  • No one has the right to take their own life.

    God is the only one who gives life and he is the only one who has the right to take it away. Life belongs to God. It is never our place to take our own life or someone else's life. If you don't believe this, read it in THE HOLY BIBLE for yourself.

  • No, I disagree

    If suicide is a right, then someone who interferes with suicide is a rights transgressor. It sounds absurd to me to say that someone has a duty to not interfere with a suicide. Rights entail duties from others. I need to make the word count and I don't have anything else to say.

  • What about the future?

    Maybe you are a victim of discrimination, but if you kill yourself I do not know, when you are young, you are losing time to create a family, to know what will happen next. We have to keep alive because is necessary know how the story will finish. Everybody has a purpose in this life, you only have to find yours :D

  • People change their minds

    Having been there, and studying abnormal psychology now, I see that suicide is usually thought of or even committed under a highly emotional state of mind. It's said that 90% of suicides are associated with treatable mental illnesses or high stress rates. Therefore, people in their "right" (couldn't find a better word) state of mind won't get through with it.

  • Just to be different

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  • We are obliged to carry on

    Been there. Glad I was saved. I still don't have answers to so many questions but I've changed in that I value life. I transform my depression and sadness now to energy to help others. That gives me a reason to continue onward and I feel a purpose. We all have a purpose. If you kill yourself, you're not completing the plan that was your unique mission and reason for coming here. I also believe that if you end your own life, you'll have to pick up exactly where you left off on the next life to learn the lessons that were intended for you. So as hard as it still gets for me. Feeling like a total outsider, not fitting in, with no apparent answers, I carry on and seek all lessons I'm meant to learn. Carry on as well friends.

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myrighttochoose says2014-08-26T01:14:41.557
It is my Life
Yes absolutely we have the right to choose to commit. And why shouldn’t we as we make choices all the time about our lives.
We can make our own choices about everything pertaining to our own life then we can make that choice well to commit suicide as well. No one owns another person’s life or my life. If they want to pay me if I sell my life then they can pay to keep me in my life and all costs associated with it. Then I would have no say in the matter as I sold my life to someone else, so then they now own if I did that. But I didn't sell my life it is mine to make my choices on any matter pertaining to my life.