Do humans have the rights to use animals as they want? Why or why not?

  • God made them for us

    God gave us animals so that we could use them to our advantage. Even in the Bible, Animals would sometimes be slaughtered for no reason. I believe that all animals should be treated like slaves if necessary and anything we do with animals should result in our benefit. In addition, I would also like to see animal rights activists and vegetarians shot, Because they have deviated from the fact that we are the master species of the universe and some even went as far as blatantly claiming that animals are equal to us. NO, Humans are infinitely more precious than animals, Like any decent person in his right mind would think.

  • They exist for us

    From a religious standpoint, I believe God put animals on the earth for us to use as we need to survive. That being said, They shouldn't be treated poorly, Unnecessary suffering in any sense is wrong. They should be used only for survival purposes (including scientific testing) and in some cases can be kept in captivity but only if treated well.

  • We do not use living things

    If by "use" you mean use them for medical experiments, Test cosmetics on them and use them as performers in circuses and at Sea World, Then no, We have no right to use animals as we want. It's inhumane. How would you feel if you were stuck in a medical lab and experimented on or trapped in a metal bathtub away from your family and forced to perform tricks?

  • We don't, At all!

    Animals have their own lives just like humans do and using them however we want is horrible, This includes things like animal testing, Fighting animals, Entertainment that uses animals, Zoos, Circuses, Aquariums, Trophy hunting, Factory farming and many more! Animals aren't meant for entertainment and they never will be. Humans are the most selfish species on earth.

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