• Free will is an illusion.I have dyslexia...

    Think about what i say in depth.Saying we have free will is the same as saying that were not connected with the world around us.Free will turns it's back on our environmental causes which include you'r genetic make up,how you were treated as a kid,what social circle you hanged in,What is and was your educational sources, me,ect. These things and more are all interconnected.They decide what you do next.Who would call this free will?The two most important out of all the environmental causes would be Your genetic make up and how you were treated/educated as a kid.Because they are the starting point's of you'r important decision making skills. Remember that free will and making decisions are two different things.

  • My former history teacher is the reason I believe in a free will.

    He has dyslexia, dysgraphia, OCD, and ADD. He has trouble forming words, staying attentive, and terrible social anxiety. He took the lowest level classes in high school, he didn't even take a high school math class because of his disabilities. There was no reason for him to be successful. He didn't go to college, he worked on a fishing boat for years. Then one day he decided out of curiosity to take a philosophy course at a community college. He then went forward with his studies and enrolled full time and got his associates degree through hard work and pain. He worked so hard, he later went to Northeastern University to pursue his bachelors. Later he was certified as a teacher, and actually taught at the high school he went to. Now years later he has his doctorate and is raising a family. He wasn't supposed to do any of this, his disabilities limited him completely but he overcame that. To me he is proof that we have a free will, that anyone can overcome anything through hard work and determination. We do not live in a determined universe, the exceptions to genetic limits and conditioning prove this to us.

    Also, I think there should be a third option for compatibilism.

  • Yes they do

    They have it, it's just easily manipulated. Many people get manipulated based on their emotions, emotions run deep within everyone one of us and some people abuse that like religions, politicians and some people exploit us like pro war people, music industries, entertainment industries etc. Having free win and low intellect or knowledge makes it look like there is no free will, but there is.

  • This isn't even debatable

    Our decisions are basically chemical reactions. Our 'decisions' are made upon context to the situation (be it our psychology, emotional state, knowledge etc.). The context of the situation is something that we never had control over, because that was dependent on the context before it, ad infinitum till the point of our birth.

  • We have to some extent

    We decide what to order off of the dollar menu don't we? I know that sound simplistic but if I didn't have free will how would I choose between large or small, how would I know if I wanted fries with that or not? If I order from Zappos then I have to know if I'm buying shoes, boots or pumps. If I didn't decide that who did?

  • Free Will is an illusion

    Do you honestly believe that a slightly larger neocortex can give us "free will" which other animals lack? It's absurd. The reason we believe we have free will is because our consciousness is "inter-twined" with our brain in real time, so we believe we have free will when we really don't.

  • Heisenberg Ends The Free Will Debate

    There's always been chatter that using Newton's laws of Motion we can see that the universe is like a clock, wound at the start and ever ticking till now, so tomorrow's breakfast has already been predetermined. Einstein believed in that as well considering he himself was a determinist, but does that mean a murderer is not guilty of their crimes? However then Heisenberg came along with his famous Uncertainty principle and says "Nonsense, There's uncertainty because we don't know where the electron is, it could be here and there or in many places simultaneously". Einstein Hated this theory, he even said "God doesn't play dice with the universe", but hey get used to it because Einstein was wrong. Note that you are unable to determine the location of electrons due to the uncertainty principle Heisenberg had proved.

  • Free will contributes to everything..

    We may be influenced by others around us and happenings that take place, but they are only encouragements. The final decision is made by you. If we did not have free will then we wouldn't separate from anyone. People would not be in different places, experiencing different things, because they would be following everyone else. These encouragements are just factors to the final decision we make ourselves. I think a lot of people maybe don't use it as much a they can/would like to (if that is the right way to put it) due to many reasons. But I think ultimately when it comes down to the good or the bad, we are the ones that decide, no one else.

  • You are misinterpreting free will

    Free will is not the choices of other people that affect you, however its the choices that you make. You are able to decide what you do right? Now not everything you decide is allowed I understand. However, you have the free will to "go with the flow" of what other people tell you, or to fight back, to not follow the rules. Free will is the power to decide, between good and bad, right or wrong, left or right, the first door or the second. Its not required to follow rules of man, and this is why we have criminals, they are people who used their free will to go against the rules of man. I understand where you are coming from, I've seen many people like that, It makes you feel powerless when everyone around you is telling you what to do, but free will is a mental power, which affects the physical, free will is the choices YOU make, not someone else

  • Of course humans do

    Otherwise, why have the debate. If our minds, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, decisions are just like dominos falling---one causes the next, causing the next, causing the next, etc etc etc; then you had no choice in creating and posting the debate topic. Likewise, my resonse would be just and endless series of neurochemical reactions, one necessarily, determined by the previous chemical reaction. But, this is absurd. This debate was created by free will as my response.

  • No. It just seems like it.

    Free will involves choices. It is safe to say people in comas have no free will and unborn babies either don't have it or have few options to express it. If we have free will then so do animals with a brain. I don't think physics allows free will, the planets orbit the sun and all the movement is preordained. If a large comet is coming to earth in the next 5 years there is nothing we can do about it. The math is already written and the comet could have traveled for thousands of years even before humanity existed and the whole time every single movement of the earth, sun, stars, moon and comet were predictably going to happen.

    Chemistry is just an extension of physics and we are made up of chemicals. If you introduce chloroform into our brains we pass out, lack of oxygen does the same. Ants are so predictable that we can manipulate their behavior with chemicals all they do has no free will written into it. Bees are also the same, death defending the colony is not a choice it is a command dictating by the chemicals it detects. Free will is just the illusion that the "choice" you made yours to make and not the extension of physics. The universe is billions of years old and free will exist only since humanity has existed? And why do we have free will if we do? Obviously I'm not asking for a religious explanation. But physically and chemically how does a pile of atoms have free will? A third of our lives is spent sleeping, all of it breathing, we have to fuel our bodies daily. We spent so much time just balancing the chemical requirements for life. Do we choose to wake up everyday? Can I choose to sleep RIGHT now? No, I need to have the right chemical balance in my brain. Even if you want to sleep you can't force yourself to sleep. You can however delay the onset of sleep or manipulate your rhythm by consuming chemicals and adopting behaviors that put the brain in a state of not conducive of sleep.

    People with depression have chemical imbalances in their brain. If they choose to take their life is it their choice or is it due to the incorrect chemicals? Same person with medication doesn't have those thoughts. Does a salmon choose to migrate and mate at the end of their life? It can make choices as in to which river stream to go to or stay in the ocean but they always go back to the river where they were born. They can make choices as in how time their jumps and how long to wait out a grizzly waiting to snag it but really all it's motivations are chemical. How are we different?

  • Its only a pipe dream.

    We all think that we have free will, but when it comes down to it and you truly think about it, we have no free will. All of our decisions are either made for us, or we are forced to make that decision (leading back to it is being made for us) The reason we think that we have our own free will is because the government and everyone else in power make us believe that we do, for example, they say, "education is an opinion" but when it comes down it it, it is not. You need education to make money, so you can live a semi good life. Free will is something we all wish we had, and some believe that we do,but truthfully we do not, and the ones that do and manage is get punished. Free will? Its a pipe dream.

  • Humans have free will

    I think that humans have free will and we have the right to choose. The usage of free will has been given to us from God, and we will always have free will. All the decisions that we make as human beings are our choice, and it is a result of free will.

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jp16103 says2014-01-02T16:27:01.477
This is too deep a debate to be a poll like this.
reece says2014-01-02T16:39:02.120
I can handle it and plus it isn't a debate .Im open to any idea's that i fined better then mine.