Do humans really have choice or is it all pre-planned? Is your fate decided from birth?

Asked by: odi
  • In a way. It is fate.

    Am I saying there is a knowing force behind the scene that has a plan for anyone but that is going to happen was always going to happen.

    If you look at any event, you would see many factors involved. Seeing that the factors lead to the event, then as long as those factors exist, the even will always happen. Because these factors are from past event, they have to exist so the event would have always happened.
    Imagine a point in your past that you regret. If you could watch that moment from across time, it would still happen the exact same way.
    This would also be true for future events. Because they will be the result of things in their past determine they were always going to happen. Even if you knew about a probable future event and decided to change it, your decision would also be a factor in the future even so your action or lack of would also be a factor. This may be a bit confusing so let me explain.
    In a way, we all predict what we see as the probable future. Example:
    Your playing baseball and it is your turn at bat. Because of your past experience, you can tell that the ball coming toward you is going to be outside the strike zone. In a fraction of a second, you saw the balls future path. Even though you knew the future, you did not act to prevent it and the Umpire called "Ball 1". On the next pitch, you think you see ball going the same way so you make the same prediction. Unfortunately, the pitcher put a curve on the ball that changed the factors making your prediction wrong. Because you did nothing "Strike 1". The strike causes you to focus more so your prediction will be more accurate. This time, you can see where the ball will be within the strike zone. Your prediction was accurate and you act make a change in where the ball will go. You hit the ball and ended up on 1st base.
    Because the future event was the sum of all past factors and the actions from those factors where always going to happen because all the factors existed for it to happen. The same is true of all future event. They will always be the result of factors in their past. Seeing that the past would already exist then the result is guaranteed.

  • Existence precedes essence

    Sartre's ideas about human nature are deeply inspiring to me. An individual's existence is what he/she makes of it; we all have the freedom to decide what we want to do with our lives. And not just the decision on how to spend one's life, but we also have the freedom to choose our own principles.

  • Yes they do

    In order to believe that we are predestined, I am convinced that one must acknowledge the existence of God. If God exists, and if he has created us, then why would he plan every aspect of our lives. Under the assumption that God exists, I don't believe we have choice.

  • We do not have a choice.

    If God indirectly claims to know your fate then we might as well not live. We can just land up in heaven or hell.

    How is it that some people - prophets - can tell the future? If there was a prophet powerful enough then (s)he might as well tell us all of our fates

    Our fate is not just based on our decisions but mainly on those of other people. If i choose to say hello to you, you'd turn around to look at me and greet back. This one second could be the difference between being run over by a car and living on.

    Posted by: odi
  • Not pre-planned, but cause and reaction

    I suspect it's more of a delusion and our fate decided the moment the big bang happened. Beyond the microscope of nature vs. Nurture, I think people don't have choice. People want to be happy. Whether that be in the short or long term depends on their virtues. Even when people sacrifice themselves it's because they're happiness stems from some principle. They don't get to choose what makes them happy.

    It's not merely selfishness either, because we're social creatures. Improving others happiness, improves our happiness. People base their decisions on what they have be it knowledge, material, etc. At the objective reality scale everything is still deterministic. Genetics do play a role in establishing initial tolerances for what makes us happy, but I believe nurturing a human being influences such tolerances and their overall happiness with time.

    So our choices are based on incomplete data and manipulated unintentionally (for the most part) by external and internal forces.

    We didn't have a choice being born. We most likely won't have a choice when we die. Our residing with society is due to a cost-benefit analysis, and our fate may be determined via a series of probabilities. Don't let that stop you from being a good person, living a good life, and being happy. It makes the world a little brighter, and knowing our fate isn't necessarily bad. Big Fish was a good movie.

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