Do humans really possess such a thing as free will?

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  • Freedom to learn

    The reason I think this phenomenon plagues our imaginations is because we cannot do otherwise. As JordanTWeiner, lol, mentions we are witnesses from a certain vantage point to events going on around us. We can never know 'what might have been' had we acted differently precisely because we didn't act differently. Thus, our lives follow a certain course and we cannot tell if we could take a different one, but must hope and plan for the best future we can.

  • You can make your own choices

    In this world you can make your own choices and do what ever the hell you want when ever the hell you want and with whomever the hell you want. You can be an engineer. You can read a book if you want. You can make your own decisions. If you believe you don't have free will than you've got some family issues

  • I have decided to answer this poll!

    I notice that things influence me. For example, reading the answers on this poll has made more and more tempted to post an answer of my own. I didn't want to post until I decided to post. The point is I noticed an influence and could've decided to post or not to post. I think its obvious.

  • If you believe in instrumentalism

    Instrumentalism holds that concepts are just useful tools for aiding in the accomplishment of tasks. They say nothing about what is real.

    So how does instrumentalism imply free will? Because psychology has proven that the outcome is typically better for those who believe in free will.

    Hence instrumentalism while it wouldn't say free will is real since instrumentalism avoids questions of what is and is not real would say that it is useful to believe in free will and that's what's really important. Reality is unknowable. This could just be a video game or a dream or the Matrix. All we can know is which concepts are the most useful not whether or not they are real.

  • Free will is an illusion

    Every time you make a decision, that comes from your thought processes. Your thought processes come from your genetics, the way you were raised, the environment you grew up in, and your life experiences. All of these you can't directly control, except your life experiences, is indirectly controlled by all these other factors.

    For example, if I was born as, let's say, Hitler, I would literally live out the exact same life as him, and developing the same beliefs. I would believe that Germans were the superior race, and it would one day cross my mind to "purify the earth", and the Holocaust still would have happened.

  • There is no free will

    I do not believe in choosing my own path in life. Nothing has given me a reason to believe so. I'm not saying the answer is destiny. It's more like fate. Fate is what starts wars, and is what ends wars. It's fate that determines if a mother will die giving birth to a child. Fate is the deciding factor of which path an individual will take. A person can not choose how he dies, for fate has already chosen his death.

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