Do Idealism and Objectivism conflict? (Metaphysics, not ethics or political)

Asked by: JP_Hatecraft
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  • Ideals from what into what?

    There is no actual universal morality. However there is a scientifically and/or intellectually possible way of finding out which moral standards that create a more functionally progressing society, yet it will need a high number of generations to measure. The progressive Libertarian constitution is the only way to find out. No other system of laws wants to try. The question of whether idealism conflicts with objectivism depends on intellect and degree of freedom vs control.

  • To the one who got it right.

    Idealism can be pretty much anything we can imagine to whatever degree we take the pains to detail under any unjustifiable circumstance but only that it correlates 'magickly' and transcendentally to whatever conception of universal understanding we may have. Objectionally we are indistinct and corporeal to argue otherwise you would "literally" have to be metaphysical.

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