• Of course they do, not every teen is scum!

    I bet you think you know what your talking about, but I really don't think you do, your not a teenager, but I am, Im Alex Hogg female, 14 years old, I see the media like newspapers saying were all scum and all violent, but were not, we get moved along on from the streets just for standing there and not doing anything but enjoying ourselves, and people ring the police because we stand there. I know that I go out and walk around with my 1 friend at like 7 and I'm back home for 9. I do nothing wrong just walk and then maybe sit in the park, talk, laugh and then go home, I have never been drunk, I have nothing smoked, I have never had sex, or done anything with a boy, all my life consists of is having a good time and going to school. But I can't do that cause the media portrays me as a chav, i don't even own a hoodie, or a track suit, I can honestly say, i will never smoke, or do anything illegal, The media makes people think that most of the crime in england is from teens, but infact on 12% of crime is my age group, So for you to tell me the media doesn't make out were scum, chavs, and all of us have ASBO's then you need to put on our skin and walk around in it for a while and you will realise, It really does hurt a teen when the media makes out were all wrong and irresponsible. Any time i walk into the doctors alone all i get is dirty looks from adults who think I'm pregnant, but really I'm ill, It's upsetting that i can't smile at my neighbour without her thinking i want to mug her, cause I know, In my heart, I could never bring myself to do such a thing, but adults wouldn't understand that, thanks to the media.

  • School Shootings Tout Violent Images

    Violent images in the media and in movies can potentially harm teens and make them desensitized to violence. Examples are replete in contemporary society regarding school shootings and copycats that seem to continue a cycle of extreme violence and death in schools. It all began with Columbine when two young men allegedly mimicked "The Matrix" and gunned down dozens of their fellows.

  • Images in the media don't harm teens

    Images in the media don't harm teens. Bad parenting is what harms teens. If parents would take a pro-active stance and talk to their children about the images in the media, it could be a constructive way to discuss what the images mean and why they are or aren't good or bad.

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