Do imprisoned criminals deserve better healthcare than low-income working people?

  • Nobody should be denied basic healthcare.

    Healthcare which is not someone chooses to need should be provided to all humans. Crime and healthcare are not related in any way to one another. Should we let anybody get sick and die prematurely because of their life situation. Sooner or later prisons would have to address illnesses of inmates for practical purposes. I also believe low income Americans deserve to the same right. Can you imagine the United States where people chose to commit crime due to the necessity of healthcare?

  • They forfeit their rights when they are convicted

    Criminals forfeit all rights as a citizen when they are convicted of a crime. Ergo when they knowingly commit the crime they are thus acting outside the laws and no longer have protection under them. With this being said there are basic rules laid out of the treatment of a human being. However, their health care should not exceed that of any low-income individual.

  • No They Do Not

    I believe everyone deserves equal health care regardless of where they are in this country. People should not have to suffer with the medical advances in our world today. I think everyone should be treated fairly regardless of rather they are a criminal or not. I believe prisoners get better care than low-income workers, because many low-income workers can't afford health care at all.

  • Good Healthcare for All

    Whether in prison or not, a human being should expect to be treated with the best healthcare available. Humans need to have healthcare that supplies all of the necessary care and facilities that are available in order to improve their healthcare needs, whether physical or otherwise.No one deserves to receive less than the very best.

  • No everyone should have some

    When it comes to this issue about imprisoned criminals and the issue of health care we need to look at the issue at large. Is this a moral issue that we are talking about? Some would argue that indeed this is a large moral issue that we need to pay attention to.

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