• To an extent, Absolutely.

    If a person has given no proof that they don't deserve to be trusted then yes, They deserve all the privacy and independence in the world. But if there's evidence that the person shouldn't have the optimal amount of privacy, Then of course not. You have to deserve the privacy.

  • Yes they do

    Yes I think that individuals should be allowed to have privacy because the world is becoming less and less private now because there are so many cameras in countries now a days people privacy should be respected and not invaded ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋 was

  • Yes, Privacy is a right

    Individuals in today's world absolutely deserve privacy. Privacy is a right of its own, it's something that people automatically have, your average individual has no way of knowing what is going in the household of another individual which is how it should be. It would be completely uncomfortable for people to know exactly what you do at home, how much you spend, what you watch, what you listen to, what your last bank statement was, who you called, and so on. Privacy is a right to life being almost as important as the three basic needs; food, shelter, and water/clothing. People should be allowed their individuality without it being infringed on.

  • Yes, I believe individuals deserve privacy in today's world.

    Overall I think an individual should have a reasonable expectation of privacy in today's world, I think if you are on your private property you should be able to have complete privacy, I think if you are in public then you can't expect the same expectation of privacy as you can when your on your own private property.

  • Modern Technology Must Provide Safeguards

    Modern technology has given us the prospect of being more connected around the globe than ever before in history. However, this free flow of information has led to concerns about the privacy of our information. Programs and systems must have an "opt-in" approach to third-party storage and marketing of data on individuals. Additionally, companies must hand over collected data on request to people who want it.

  • Everyone's privacy should be respected

    The world is becoming less and less private. Many people do post much of their info online and that leads to pretty much everyone being able to find anything they want about an individual. I think online companies need to do a better job of offering options to people, to make sure only certain people can see other people's info. Each individual should be able to choose, instead of social media automatically doing it for them.

  • Evidently we don't think we do.

    Judging by all of the social networks, and the amount of information people have published on them for the world to see, we don't need or deserve privacy. If people are so willing to capture every private act on a camera, then publish it online, then no, we just gave away our right to privacy. How can we argue for the right to something we do not use?

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