Do individuals from rural areas negatively affect the dynamic of human modernization in the gene pool?

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  • Yes... I believe this statement.

    I believe that individuals from rural areas negatively affect the dynamic of human modernization in the gene pool due to their area, and also their lifestyle. For example, in the area, in which they live, these individuals have limited access to areas that would provide the ability to become fit, physically.
    This is dangerous to our fragile gene pool. Their diet is also extremely unhealthy. They eat traditional American meals, which are extremely unhealthy, such as a seven-layer salad. Mixed with a poor diet, and drinking, they tend to be beer gut-like and short, which are bad factors in terms of genetics. The reproduction pool is also limited, and unhealthy.

  • Not always true

    I notice in America rural areas become some form of incest pit but were I'm from which is very rural it's in Canada and called saskatchewan has about one million people i notice a great deal of technological , cultural and economic development years ahead of the rest of the world as I'm sure many of you on this site are intj like myself you will be pleased to know many people in my area have intj tendencies growing away from the xSFx dommona red scocioty most people are enfj bordering intj or istj bordering intj other genetic things ( things it's a very technical term ) better teeth better bone structure smarter more logical better planing more unified stronger the list goes on so it really depends on the local culture and if the local culture is incest than it gets bad if th local culture is good ban its good in fact were i am from most people chose never having sex over having any form of incest . JT

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bmnoble981 says2014-06-03T00:35:34.907
And what do you propose to do about it, convince a lot of people in the cities to move to the country side? Where I live in Australia, in the rural area I have grown up in more and more young people are leaving the area because there are very few jobs.

We need people living in rural areas working the land, to grow food. Without people working the land, cities would either have to import all their food at whatever the asking price is since they would not have a choice or starve, that would really help the gene pool wouldn't it?

Aside from that rural people are not landlocked, they do have these things called cars which allow them to travel great distances to look for a potential wife.