• Prisner get open prisons to make new lives

    They are discussing open prison system so prisoners can have free range of land. Prisoners are given everything for free. I pay for electric, water, cable, roof over my head, all my own medical care and medications, especially hormones for god sake. Nothing is given to me because im an upstanding citizen. I have to pay for attorney's for everything but especially civil suits vut that is provided to them as well. If jail/ prison is so bad for the inmates our are they able to riot? Get drugs? Have sex? Instead there is shpping and hair dressers, ect. And now we are talking of giving them land. Crap I guess im on the wrong side. They pay for nothing and have very few rights removed.

  • inmates have to many luxuries

    The entire jail system hasn’t been changed in hundreds of years. People break the laws of society and are locked up. Inmates have to many luxuries in jail. They should not be allowed to have a tv and should be forced to work. Everyone has to work. Nothing is free.

  • It depends will

    This question is somewhat vague in the nature that it was asked. Is the question referencing to inmates here in the United States of America or to inmates in different countries across the world? The rights that are given to inmates vary from country to country so some have more than others.

  • For the most part, no

    I do not think most inmates have too many rights. What I do think is that there are too many inmates and that many of them are harmless and do not deserve to be in jail. Therefore, I think quite the opposite is true. They get their rights stripped for nonsense.

  • No inmates do not have too many rights.

    The goals of correctional facilities are to incarcerate, educate, and to rehabilitate individuals who have been convicted crimes. To this end providing inmate with access to educational materials, a reading library, competent medical care and decent housing is not giving inmates TOO MANY rights. Inmates are still human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and common decency.

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