• Most probably introverts. Neither one is better than the other overall. See Quiet Power by Susan Cain for more information.

    We introverts are often underappreciated in modern society. Because of our quiet, Reserved, And thoughtful nature, We are often overlooked as completely unaware of what's around us; that's just not true. We can be just as connected to the world as our extroverted friends, It's just that these connections can often be smaller in quantity but encompass a lot. We're quiet not because we don't care, But because we do.
    Because we are deep thinkers, Introverts are more likely to think deeply upon decisions instead of just diving in. This acts as a sort of "seatbelt".
    Introverts are natural listeners. We are more likely to accept input from other members rather than assuming leadership like our counterparts (there's nothing wrong with that though). We prefer to connect individually to members, Understand them on a personal level, And to analyze their skills and respect their boundaries to think of how everyone can function better as a whole. The ability to listen to others is a strength. As a result, Some of the leading companies in the world have introverted leaders and extroverted employees. This is no coincidence. Extroverts have so much to say, And introverts have so much to hear. The correlation of our personalities can be a key to success.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying in any way that extroverts should be sheep. What I am saying is that we both need each other. In an all-introvert team, There could be a lot of long awkward pauses with the members hesitant to contribute. On the other hand, An all-extrovert team could lead to many member clamoring over the role of leader, Trying to assert his or her ideas. Like I said before: we're all a team.

  • Introverts are better leaders

    Just because the extroverts know what is going outside it doesnt mean hat the introverts don't take good decisions
    introverts have a thinking of leading their team to victory. Introverts know what is right and wrong in a particular situation if things go wrong. Extroverts thing always abou twha tgoes outside but introverts thing basic thing sand lead their group to victory in a mor efficient manner than extroverts

  • Just because someone can speak well, Doesn't mean they'll be a good leader.

    Sure, Getting elected or becoming a local leader is probably easier for extroverts. But being a better leader isn't measured by what you say; it's measured on what you actually do! Having a leader that listens to their people (an introverted ideal) and thinks deeply before taking hasty actions (introverted ideal) is much more important than speaking ability! Napoleon isn't known for his good speeches or powers of persuasion; he's remembered for his amazing ability to crush his opponents armies. Besides, Just look at the stats: a University of Chicago study of over 4000 corporations found that companies with introverted CEO's did better than those with extroverted CEO's. What else can I say?

  • Yes, Introverts Can Make Better Leaders.

    Introverts can make better leaders. Some of our best leaders were introverts. Introverts are much calmer than extroverts. Introverts have more patience than extroverts. Introverts will listen to others more than talk to them. Introverts don't take as many risks as others, they play on the safe side, so whatever they're leading is less likely to fail. Even though introverts can make better leaders, extroverts can be great leaders as well.

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  • Yes, introverts can make better leaders.

    Introverts are less likely to take risks. Introverts are thinkers and tend to look at every possible outcome before making a decision. Introverts also don't talk as much, so others ideas are more likely to get heard. Extroverts can sometimes get so excited and caught up in their own idea that they may ignore others. Introverts are often seen as more humble. In Jim Collins book 'Good to Great', he says that good leaders look out the window at others when giving credit for something that went right and look in the mirror when giving credit for something that went wrong. Introverts dont like small talk and make less connections, but the connections they do make are very meaningful and rewarding.
    Introverted leaders: Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Warren Buffett. To name a few.

  • Extroverts make better leaders.

    Extroverts make better leaders. Extroverts by definition are focused on the outer world as opposed to introverts that are focused on their inner selves. Extroverts are much more likely to assume positions of leadership because they are focused on living in the world around them, whereas an introvert would be more likely to keep to themselves and live a life of solitude.

  • The best leaders are both

    Many people think extroverts make good leaders simply because they are social and like being around people. That is not necessarily true. Just because you like to be social and talk does not mean you will be a good leader. The best leaders are the ones who can relate to people and understand everyone's problems. If a leader is both an introvert and extrovert, then they have the ability to listen and motivate.

  • No, extroverts make better leaders.

    I definitely think that extroverts make better leaders than introverts. Extroverts are able to talk to and govern people in a social and public setting. Introverts on the other hand would probably have difficulty trying to manage their ideas and principles to other people. That is why extroverts are better leaders.

  • They unite people.

    Extroverts make better leaders than introverts, because extroverts know how to get a crowd going. An extrovert isn't afraid to approach someone. They are good at pulling people in who need extra attention or encouragement. Introverts are the better task masters, and extroverts get people united to get the job done.

  • Extroverts Get Along With More People

    Extroverts make better leaders simply because they get along with more people. Introverts are more concerned with intellectual pursuits and turn inward. Extroverts like being around other people and revel in the exposure gained by being at the forefront of leadership. Extroverts like being the top of the heap and are born leaders.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-01T13:46:01.937
Ceretis partibus, the extrovert will be the better leader, if and only if the extrovert can communicate well.
However, management does things right. Leadership does the right thing. An introvert could know what to do better, while the extrovert is clueless, and needs a subordinate to explain things.
And what kind of leadership are we talking? Small group, face-to-face? Over the internet? Too many variables, not enough definitions given to answer.

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