Do Israeli settlements in the occupied territories violate Palestinians' human rights?

  • There is no question about it

    First off, the settlements are a direct and unquestionable violation of international humanitarian law. The 4th Geneva Convention states an "Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies."

    Secondly, the settlements are also in violation of international human rights law. Israel has signed and ratified the ICCPR and the ICESCR. It would take too much time to go through a comprehensive list of human rights violations, I will point out one and how it links to others.

    The settlements have led to the construction of the wall, separate roads, checkpoints, and countless other restrictions that are directly linked to the settlements--the Israeli justification being security for the settlers. (We'll leave to the side the issue that the vast majority of violence is coming from the settlers, many of whom believe that God gave them the right to that land and that they are justified in attacking Palestinians and contaminating their resources (i.E., urinating in their water supply)).

    The wall is built on Palestinian land. If you were building a fence between you and your neighbor, you would not built 85% of it on your neighbors property--as is the case with wall. This is an effective annexation of land/property. The Palestinians are also highly restricted from passing through this area even if they own property on the other side. This is violation Article 12 of the ICCPR which states "Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within the territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence."

    Article 12 is also violated with regard to the separate roads which connect the settlements. Only Jews are allowed to travel these roads. The checkpoints which have long and often arbitrary wait times would also fit under Article 12.

    All these violations are also linked with right to education (Article 13 & 14 of ICESCR) because the students have to wait a long time before they can pass through checkpoints (2, 4, 6, 8 hours) and cannot take just any road--they have to avoid the Jewish only roads. Right to work is a human right (Article 6 of the ICESCR) and is violated with the settlements, wall, separate roads, checkpoints because people cannot get to work on time and if they own a business their supplier can not reach them on time and they go out of business (this has been well documented).

    Please note this is one example in a sea of human rights violations by Israel, all of which are directly linked to the settlements. Once you, for example, get into the harassment and humiliation (i.E., strip searching) faced at these checkpoints, you really need a book to comprehensively cover all.

  • How are they not?

    To answer to the idiot who said "look what a dump Gaza's become" that's because Israel doesn't allow the people there in or out. Also Israel is constantly bombing them. Settlers often attack Palestinians, burn their crops and kill their live stock. Some Palestinians have to have cages around their homes so the settlers will stop vandalizing their property. Settlers all have a goal-to displace the entire Palestinian people so they can have their "promised land". Settlers are sick disgusting people. If god has chosen people it's certainly not them.

  • The Palestinian people didn't say just give up the land to make Israel.

    The UN had given the Jewish community permission to create a new country from were there was already an existing country. If the UN said your country had to give up a bunch of land that you and your government didn't agree to, wouldn't you fight back? Though the Hamas's methods of resistance is unorthodox, When you look at what the Israelis do, such as preventing the basic human necessities like drinkable water, food, and medical attention, you can see why groups like Hamas would fight back the way they do, while the Israelis do strike back,which is reasonable, if they didn't commit such over kill, in which hundreds more civilian Palestinians got killed then the Israelis in the initial strike.

  • Yes it does

    The Israeli settlements countunisoly violate the Palestinian's rights! Israel must respect Palestines's authrority and they shouldn't say that they are ``The Chosen"" (rolls eyes) That's all the defense they have? Seriously? Palestine has a right to exist too. Not just Israel. We should dismantle the settlements right now! Right now!

  • Yes they do

    It is hard for secular, international observers to find sympathy for Israel in the face of illegal settlements. If they would honor previous agreements I would feel more confident in supporting their state wholeheartedly, but their behavior toward the Palestinians is a mark upon their credibility an ethical state.
    And, I am not a fan of Islam either, but the power differential between the two countries makes Palestine look like an underdog and Israel look greedy.

  • Yes They Do

    The Israeli government has repeatedly and systematically violated the human rights of the Palestinian people. Building settlements on the disputed lands is one such example of this. The Palestinians have been kicked out of their homes and now the Israeli settlers are stripping them of more and more of their land with each new settlement that they build.

  • Yes

    The Israeli settlements definitely violate the human rights of the Palestinians based on the simple fact that the Palestinians have rightful claim to the land. Their refusal to accept a two state compromise when their land was first taken in 1948 has been a downward spiral towards the persecution of Palestinian people for well over half a century. If I came into your home and took what was rightfully yours since you did not agree to sell it to me am I not a criminal? Of course I would be!

  • No-Continuously supporting violence and jeopardizing lives of Israelis going back to 1926 DOES violate human rights and force Israel's hand

    In 1926, Palestinians chose violence instead of a 2 state solution. They rejected it again and again. They chose Hamas who's very charter calls for the expulsion or death of Israel. They mostly do not support a 2 state solution to this day. They teach violence in their schools and refuse to assure Israel of safety and peace. There is not choice whatsoever for Israel than to protect it's citizens rather than trade land for false peace promises by uninvolved parties. Israel legalistically has been adjudicated to have made violations-but by clearly biased groups, and in clearly prejudiced adjudicators. The U.S. has a constitutional prohibition against a bill of attainder, yet that doesn't apply to Israel in false International bodies who routinely express their hatred of Israel, which is a proxy for anti-semitism often enough. Israeli Arabs have the most rights of any citizenry in the middle east. So the demonization of Israel-perhaps even by merely posing this question-as compared to many more obvious and heinous violations of civil rates, is an expression of anti-semitism.

  • No, not in the slightest

    No, how would they? No settlements in Gaza, look at the dump its become. Settlements are independent of Arab villages. They are legal. If anything, t would be a gross violation of human rights to expel the over 300,000 people living in the so called "West Bank", originally a part of the British Mandate for Israel.

  • No it doesn't

    Yes, Israel did take the land of the Palestinians, but it was justified. First of all, the Israelis obtained Israel legally, they didn't just barge in. The construction of Israel was approved by the UN. Also, for anyone who knows their history also knows that Jews and Palestinians have ALWAYS lived in the same land. Of course, there were more Jews there before Muhammad murdered some and the Crusades murdered some more. Not Israel nor any of it's settlements violate Palestinian human rights. We know the majority of the killings of Palestinians occur in the Gaza Srip. Israeli soldiers usually only bomb the Gaza Strip when Israel is attacked first, and Hamas is the organization who is using the Palestinian people as human shields and the Gaza Strip as a launching pad for missiles into Israeli borders. If you believe Israeli settlements violate human rights, then Hamas completely ignores human rights.

  • It is the Holy Land, not the Palestinians Land.

    Palestinians have no deed to it. They have had every opportunity to simply buy land in Israel, to accept the olive branch. Yet they murder, and they cry in the name of Allah (who is the exact same God as Judaism and Christianity, with a different name) that Israel belongs to them. It does not. They even admit it in their Quran: "O children of Israel, remember my favor which I bestowed upon you, and that I favored you above all creation. (Qur'an 2:47). 2:122)" and then with this verse, essentially if you didn't pay Muslim clerics, Israel wasn't yours: "Indeed God had taken the covenant from the Children of Israel, and We appointed twelve leaders among them. And God said: "I am with you if you establish the prayer and offer the Zakat (compulsory charity) and believe in My Messengers; honor and assist them, and lend to God a good loan. Verily, I will remit your sins and admit you to Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise). But if any of you after this, disbelieve, he has indeed gone astray from the Straight Path." (Quran 5:12)"

    God granted Israel to the Jews in all Abrahamic religions. Muhammed is a Jew, by way of Ishmael and Esaw back to Abraham. Jesus is a Jew, Joseph and Mary are Jews, King David was a Jew, Adam and Eve were Jews, Judaism is the oldest religion, the only religion around, before a sect of Jews followed Jesus after his death 2000 years ago, before Muhammed ran away from his father 1400 years ago. We all are Jewish by blood, yet we kill each other over greed, money, and land. Israel has had terrible things done and said to it, and this continues every second of every day. Israel has to fight to live. They violate no rights. They were in the land of Canaan first. The Holy Land was stolen from them by the Byzantines, and then by the Muslims. We just got it back. And we Jews have fought our own brothers and sisters, and we all have died because of the greed of Orthodox Islam. We are no infidels. We are you. And we do not hate you. But we will not be murdered by you.

  • No They Don't

    The settlements built by Israelis in the occupied territories are a bad idea, but they do not violate the Palestinian people's human rights. The land involved is being fought over. Both sides claim it as their own. However, building on the land doesn't create a humanitarian crisis or violate any human rights.

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