• The clothes look expensive, aka fuel for the bullying train.

    It can go too ways. Either the kid get bullied for having these clothes because they:
    -look really expensive
    -the bullies think they are poor because they can't buy that clothing
    -the kids looks like they are rich
    So they get bullied because off jealousy. But it can go another way too.

    The kid with the expensive clothing will bully because:
    -No body else looks rich
    -the other kids dont have the same clothing
    -they feel more powerful
    the kids may be really mean and rude, and fuel bullying,

    Either way, any clothing line can increase or decrease bullying, but J.C. Penny's will bring more bullying and chaos.

  • J.C. Penney's back to school does not promote bullying

    J.C. Penney's back to school does not promote bullying in any way or form. It just encourages children to shop at their store and buy the clothes they need for school. I do agree that bullies might take advantage of this opportunity, but they are not promoting bullying at all.

  • Does not Promote but doesn't help

    J.C Penny is using clothes in order to make students feel superior to those students who can't afford the same luxeries as them. Although this does not promote bullying directly it creates seperation between students and that is what fuels bullying. Schools, especially public schools can take a lesson from private schools and require students to wear uniforms.

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