• Yes, Jobbik politicians want to integrate the Roma.

    I believe that Jobbik politicians actually want to integrate the Roma. I think that they are interested in making the plight of the Roma people to be better. Politically it can be dangerous though, since a lot of people in some countries don't want anything to do with the Roma.

  • No They want to do away

    No they will not be happy until they get rid of all different races out of their country, and they will not stop. Jobbik is trying to take over the country and ruin what is half way decent. All countries do this in one form or another trying to take a country over with military force.

  • They are just paying lip service

    The Jobbik politicians are just paying lip service to integration of the Roma. It is convenient to their agenda and base to say so openly now, but when the time comes to actually take specific concrete steps in order to do it, I doubt the actual political will is going to present itself.

  • Jobbik politicians do not want to integrate the Roma

    Jobbik are a highly nationalist party within Hungary and various other eastern euro countries. The whole point of nationalism is propping up those that are there, or that belong, and denying outsiders or non-citizens access. Access to what or the extent differs in each situation. Since the Roma are only a recent emergence of nationality, finding them a home has been difficult, and the Jobbik of Hungary are not willing to open the borders for them.

  • No, their real goal is to eliminate the Roma as a political force in Hungary

    The far right nationalist Jobbik party remains a threat to
    the Roma people in Hungary. Far from wishing to integrate this group into
    Hungarian life, the Jobbiks consider the Roma outsiders who should be expelled,
    at the very best. About 20 percent of the children born in modern Hungary .
    For some reason though, the neo-fascist Jobbik party does not consider them
    real Hungarians, and wishes to deny them a political voice and eliminate them
    from public life. The world should have grown past overt racism like this
    long ago.

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