• Some Jobless Deserve Welfare

    In many cases, jobless individuals should receive welfare, but limitations need to be put in place. A person who recently lost their job due to no fault of their own deserves assistance from the government. Someone that walked off the job doesn't deserve aid. Also, welfare should have specific durations that can't be extended.

  • Only For a Short Time

    The way unemployment works is that people get benefits based upon their wages when they were fired or let go. To that end, sometimes people don't want to get minimum wage jobs for 30 hours per week because they make less money than their unemployment benefits. Once they are hired, the unemployment goes away. Americans don't want to get jobs, they want handouts. Thus a welfare state is created. Jobless people deserve welfare benefits, but only for a short time because they need to get jobs like normal people.

  • I think jobless people do need some assistance.

    I think jobless people do need some assistance. However, I think they should only recieve this assistance if they can prove that they are actually out looking for a job and trying to better themselves. they shouldn't recieve assistance if all they are doing is sitting around at home not even trying to find a job.

  • Jobless people do not deserve welfare.

    Jobless people do not deserve to receive welfare. People who do not contribute to society should not receive benefits from it. If someone is laid off, they could receive temporary unemployment benefits to help them when they are looking for a job. But these payments should not continue forever. People need to be self reliant.

  • Everyone deserves our help.

    Just because someone is jobless, it doesn't mean they're not looking for work. Even though the American economy has improved, there are still a lot of unemployed people out there who are desperately searching for a job. Cutting them off from what little welfare is available to them would be cruel.

  • Jobless people do deserve welfare.

    Jobless people do deserve welfare. If they do not have a steady source of employment at the moment, the government should look out for them and give them some money to tide them over until they have another job. The government's job is to make sure that all its citizens are okay.

  • welfare makes people lazy.

    I don't believe that we should have welfare for jobless people. Welfare for low income would be more appropriate. I think welfare for jobless is like fortune cookie for them. People become more lazy by depending on welfare and not going out there looking for a job. A single mother with low income is different story then young male without job at all.

  • The deserve jack shit

    Most people who are jobless in America are that way because they want to be that way. If they wanted a job, they could go to any local fast-food restaurant to get a job. Most people on welfare are fully capable of getting a job. The only people who deserve any kind of public assistance is people who genuinely are disabled and who cannot feasibly work.

  • Nothing should be giving for Free

    Tax payers pay for these people to live on but they can sit at home and receive money. We have criminals do community service , instead of letting criminals do community service make people on welfare to do it and work for the money they are receiving. Also there should be strict restrictions on what they can buy. You don't need name brand products, or expensive foods. Off brands will do you just fine and, if you do get on welfare that max limit should be 3 months to find a job and if you don't get one you can reapply in a year. Cant find a job thats easy tough luck construction is always open

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