• Sometimes they do.

    In a lot of cases there are massive rewards issued for the most trivial things. Human greed and emotions factor into a lot of things and this is what ruins our society. A lot of times these massive rewards can not be paid and this results in more court costs.

  • A jury often issues excessive rewards in a civil case

    Yes, a jury will sometimes issue excessive rewards in a civil case. These types of cases are few and far between. Usually, people do not win. If it's a libel case, people have to prove wrongdoing. It's often difficult because there are security systems in place for the media. Yet, there are many people involved in civil cases. In divorce cases involving wealthy people, there are assets and money to divide. There could be excessive rewards if a wife proves infidelity or abuse, and if she wishes to divorce and sue her partner.

  • Yes, some Juries issue excessive rewards in civil cases.

    Yes, many juries issue excessive rewards in civil cases. When doctors and hospitals are sued for millions of dollars, the costs is passed on to insurers, which eventually leads to higher insurance premiums for everyone. When a business is sued for a substantial sum of money, the costs of doing business goes up. Therefore, when a juries award a substantial amount of money in civil cases, the costs are passed on to society.

  • Jury issues excessive rewards in civil cases

    The Jury does indeed issue some outrageously large compensation fees to victims in civil cases. Sometimes it can definitely be justified, but sometimes a company may lose millions of dollars over a trivial issue or an unstoppable, act of god kind of incident. It is however up to the jury to decide.

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