Do Karl Marx was right saying that religion slowed down progress?

Asked by: francysol3c
  • Especially In America.

    There are plenty of hics in my state, I am sure they would be much less ignorant sounding if their beliefs weren't based on childish 2,000+ year old book. Not many theists follow the church here that orthodoxly. Every time they agree that a part is wrong and let stuff like gay marriage happen, we have a mini renaissance occurring.

    Posted by: Dano
  • History of Science has demonstrated this from Bruno, da Vinci to the present day:

    Religion has always tried to stifle knowledge, and progress. Bruno was executed for heresy as he had notions of an Infinite universe, albeit vaguely wrong, but had he been allowed to test his ideas, it would have progressed human knowledge, Leonardo da Vinci had what religion would have considered heretical thinking, as he mildly criticized the Flood of Genesis, but likely held back as he knew he would be persecuted had he gone any further with his writings.
    So even religious scientists and philosophers held back on their pushing knowledge due to their own perceived religious community attacking them for their concepts.
    Thus religion limited the search for knowledge from outside and inside the minds of philosophers. Likely without religion, we'd be thousands of years in advance of where we are now.
    Also, such stupidity of religious philosophers like Anselm and Aquinas were anti-rational and in themselves hijacked the minds of philosophers into nonsensical thinking, which in itself slows down progress of thought.
    Many great minds have been wasted on Theology or thinking about nonsense.

  • Hell yes, it was!, here there are some examples:

    Example n°1: you knowed that christianity eliminated the filicide practice? And now they are annoying for abortion abolition? And we had waited 2000 years for having it back?

    Example n°2: Galileo Galilei was jailed by inquisition by saying the truth! Also they "deleted" Eratosthenes's studies for saying it was flat.

    Example n°3: this is the worst example of that. Church prohibited to christians to vote for the communist parties. Luckily it was ignored, but.... What ***holes!

    Example n°4: Al Qaeda and Khomeini. Al Qaeda kicked A-stan and Pakistan back of 400 years, and so did Khomeini in iran. Fun fact: Al Qaeda was funded by USA for fighting against the soviets. How much stupid you can be for funding a group who hates western culture (you) more than the people you want it to fight?

  • Religion promotes progress.

    Mary, mother of Jesus has continually revealed himself to us, at Lourdes, France, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kibeho, Rwanda, and many other holy sites. At Fatima, Spain, Mary appeared even.She has continually revealed new ways and reminded people of fasting, prayer, conversion and reconciliation for people to God. The Holy Bible even promotes peace and love across the world. Karl Marx even promoted Communism, which stifled progress by destroying public religion in the country and by promoting state atheism. Religion expects on to have moral principles and act on them.Therefore, religion does not stifle growth, but promotes and grows it.

  • What good did socialism do?

    It's a good thing Marx said the things he did and that some places of the world actually tried to create his socialist utopia of virtually no religion. The communistic utopia turned out to be a totalitarian regime. The evils of Stalin and Mau is more than all of religion. Hypocrites look at this history and continue to point their finger at relgion.

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