• Anyone with multiple talents is impressive.

    Kate Hudson is a great actress so the fact that she can sing well makes her even more impressive. If she ever gets bored with movies, she can start the singing career she has hinted at. Besides, she seems like she has a great personality and doesn't appear to be a snob. These are awesome qualities in a celebrity.

  • It's nice to see talent.

    Sure, it's always more impressive when you find out about other skills and talents that people have, especially when it's not just something that relies on the way that they look. Kate Hudson should be proud of her singing talent, and it is just another weapon in her arsenal for landing jobs.

  • Kate Hudson is an impressive singer

    Actress Kate Hudson can also sing quite well. This makes her a double threat if she's able to carry two different artistic realms with equal ease. We should always consider individuals with this range of talents as impressive because they are so incredibly skilled in ways that most normal people are not.

  • I don't think so

    I happen to like Kate Hudson. Her public persona comes off as fairly down to earth and likeable. Just because she's good at music doesn't make her more impressive. She's been lucky to be in the public eye and earn a living as an actor. But I don't think people look at her with higher regard.

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