• Of course we do

    I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into a rage when right in the middle of my League of Legends game the 'attempting to reconnect' sign pops up. I mean every time that happens I chuck my computer against the wall, I curse out everybody I know including several I dont, and I ponder going on a murderous rampage.

  • Kids become more violent because of the types of games...

    Nowadays, it is known that everyday gamers want the newest games, the most violent because their creators just think in violent games, because they are more commercial, and it is easier to sell violent games than educative and boring games.... Kids suddenly get accustomed to violence and guns, by this way, they get more violent with their friends and even their family. Howover, the games creators sometimes come up with interesting and educative games, but most of the time they are not as well sold as the violent games...

  • Think about it..

    IN the Aurora, Colorado shooting, they were affected by violent video games, and so was the Newtown shooting. Mostly bad parents, people that do drugs, and people that play violent video games are the people dealt with these crimes, so YES. YES kids get violent with violent video games. I don't understand why people play HALO or anything like that. It just makes them more agressive, and violent.

  • Kids becoming violent

    Yes,I think more time they spend on playing violent games such as shooting, killing, and kicking,it will affect their minds and will drive their mind to do violent actions and they will become more aggressive.They will start argue with their parents ,teachers , and fights with their classmates more often.

  • Yes and no.

    If it's true that people can be positively influenced by games like many gamers claim to have been, then it's equally possible that people can be negatively impacted by video games. So the answer to this question is yes unfortunately, however just to be sure I don't want to here people saying how we should restrict or ban violent video games.

    Mainly because if we go by that logic then we should also ban violent music, violent books, violent movies and even violent paintings if you are extreme. All these things can have an impact on people's lives, so we should ban them as well, overall the answer to this question is unfortunately yes, some people will be negatively impacted by video games. However, I've yet to see any statistics showing how video games have an incredible influence over people and how they turn them to violence I don't see those statistics at all.

  • Games are more of a bad influence.

    As entertaining as today's mass of video games are, many of them can have a corruptive impact on people. While they may not actually cause the violence, they certainly can have a negative Iinfluence on the user. Too many times in my life, I see kids at a very young age playing graphing games such as Call of Duty and GTA titles. Games often play the role of distraction in a world of concerns, and the person playing absorbs whatever exists in the contents of the game. For example, if a young child constantly plays a game that encourages loose morals and wreckless violence, they will be conditioned to see violence as something acceptable unless they are told otherwise. So while the games don't cause the violence, they can fuel bad behavior in the long run if not played under limitation and appropriatness.

  • Violence from games

    I think kids get violent their violence from the video games because they are being accustomed with them the guns the cursing and the killing. The kids also absorbs what exists in the game that they are play like the GTA game has cursing in it. The video games don't cause the violence it just put fuel on it

  • Fuck!!! No They Don't.

    Facts About Video Games & Gamers:

    1) Most Gamers Have Better Vision Then Non-Gamers.

    2) Video Games Releave Negative Emotions, & Help Most People With Mental Disorders

    3) There Is No Evidence Linking Video Games To Real Life Violence.

    4) Gamers Have Better Hand Eye Corretation Then Non-Gamers.

    5) Just Like Guns, Knives, & Other Weapons Video Games Do Not Cause/Inspire People To Be Criminals, Terrorist, Or Anything Else (Video Games Do Not Lead To Or Cause Real Life Violence) & Video Games Actually Decrease Real Life Violence.

    6) Video Games Improve Social Skills & Problem Solving Skills

    7) Gamers Have A Better Attention Span & Better Attention To Detail, Then Non-Gamers.

    8) Most Gamers Are Smarter Then Most Non-Gamers.

    9) Just Like Guns, Knives, & Other Weapons Video Games Are Not The Problem When It Come To People Committing Crimes, Or Terrorist Acts (If You Commit A Crime Or A Terrorist Act, Then You're To Blame. If You Commit A Crime, Or Terrorist Act An Inanimate Object, A Group, & Another Person Are Not To Blame It All Falls On You).

    10) You People That Think Video Games Lead To Real Life Violence Or Cause/Inspire People To Be Who They Are Then You Know Nothing About Video Games Or Gamers, & You're A Bunch Of Fucking Retards.

  • What do they actually do?

    Video games are a source of an escape or a break from the ever insanely stressful life every child is put through. The ever growing expectations of grades and homework are ludicrous. To say that our one escape from reality are escape to blow off steam turns is into violent people would be a falicy. It all depends on the child all children are a ltitle violent thats normal what's not normal are the few the 1% who are overly effected and emotional controlled by anything. The high risk the odd the different is what you here about in new. As a society in whole video games even violent one's are just a fun mental break from our real lives.

  • I don't think so.

    I have done some research of my neighbourhood and found that those who play violent video games such as BLACKSHOT and HALO are not violent and don't speak vulgarities.I also has a friend of mine who likes to play violent video games,but he treats all of my friend and me well

  • No, kids do not become violent due to video games.

    Kids become violent because they have terrible parents. They are not raised by video games, they are raised by their parents. Video game violence is a way for a bad parent to absolve themselves from blame for the terrible job they did as a parent. There are way to many kids that play video games and have no issues for this to be true.

  • Play video games, so do most people i know.

    We are not all simple enough to just copy what ever we see, and i'd be quite offended if someone thought that just because i play games like GTA and Halo that i'd copy any of the violence, drug use, alcoholism or any other socially unaccepted behaviours in these games.

    Posted by: kh24
  • Video Games Do Not Influence Kids

    If a child is violent more than likely he/she has grown up in a community that has influenced that behavior. Violence is also practiced at home. A child doesn't do anything he hasn't seen before so to blame violence on video games is despicable. However if you feel that your child gets his/her not so good behavior from video games it is your responsibility to revoke it from them or not buy them simple as that .

  • I don't believe so. Not with correct parenting.

    If children are well brought up and told that violence is wrong then they SHOULD not be bothered by or react negatively to video games. I mean if kids do not understand that what is happening in these video games is wrong then they don't really understand what they are playing at all and furthermore should not be playing the game.
    If the kid understands the concepts properly and still wishes to enact the bad things found in video games then there is something wrong, With either the parent or young person. The games can cause bad behavior but I put that down to parental irresponsibility. First for not teaching the child right from wrong or second allowing the child to play a game while not mature enough.

  • Video games are entertainment

    Violent video games will not affect a child's mind as violence in video games are mostly fantasized. Violence is a common scheme in video games and yet is is the most popular. Since it is so popular, how come I do not see many news about a child going rogue after playing a violent video game? My friends all play violent video games and I do not see much difference with them before they started playing violent games. In fact some actually became smarter! So I do not think violent video games will affect a child's mind.

  • My experience after no

    If a kid plays violent video games that doesn't automatically turn him in to a violent person.
    If I ever get mad I never take my anger with me after a game. Whenever I hear of a kid who becomes violent or even goes on a killing spree and it leads back to games, it's because he has mental issues.
    Still studies don't give an absolute yes or no so I'm only talking from experience.

  • Research indicates no.

    While the body of research on the topic is not yet extensive, there has never been any link shown to violent behavior and video games. This claim is usually a prime example of correlation/causation fallacy- stating that violent teenagers played violent video games therefore the games cause the violence. When in reality millions of kids play those games, yet violence is still fairly rare among them. By the same poor logic, one could state that since the violent teenagers all had twinkies or potato chips in their houses, those snacks cause violence.

    There is also the fact that many other nations have just as much or more violence and sexuality in their television and video games and yet LESS violence- look at Japan, for instance.

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