• Kids are overworked

    The college process calls for students who perform well not only in academics, but also in extracurricular activities. As a senior in high school, most of my classmates, including myself, achieve about a 4-6 hour night sleep throughout the school year. A recent study came out that claimed that teenagers require the most sleep, more that adults and children, due to the maturation that the body undergoes during teenage years. Students simply cannot get 8 hours of rest, and turn out quality work both in academics and extracurriculars. The learning should be done in class, and the period at home should be reserved for studying for assessments.

    This, of course, varies on workload. My school gives out about 6 hours of work per night. Coupled with extracurriculars, my bedtime is usually 1-2 AM. This gives me about 4-5 hours to sleep. Students who get 8+ hours can perform better and achieve more.

  • Homework is made for people who don't know the material to pass

    A lot of homework not only pisses kids off but it doesn't help them. All it does is help kids who really don't know the material pass by getting points for homework. Also I have had teachers give a large amount of homework with high standards and 30% of kids fail even if they actually know what they are doing, Also it eliminates social activity

  • Educational. Beneficial. But too much.

    Kids these days work very hard. Most kids' school time lasts about 8 hours, and don't forget that some kids have after-school extracurriculars too. An average middle school student gets about 3 hours of homework every night, and in order to stay healthy, has to sleep at least 9 hours. Schools should keep the amount of homework down to a reasonable amount, in order to keep students healthy.

  • As a kid i can tell you

    We get so much work and its just getting harder and harder and when you dont do the home work you forget about it and you forget that you get a grade on it so if you dont understand how to do lets say math and no one can help you so you dont do the homework and then you grade goes from a A to a F

  • Too much homework will not help students to learn

    Currently, schools place emphasis more on grades regardless the real meaning of teaching and learning. Therefore, teacher assign too much homework to students which is not helpful for their learning, health, and well development.
    The reason that teacher give homework to students is to reinforce what they learn, which is one of the ways to teach them how to learn. Certain amount of homework will absolutely improve understanding of knowledge. Doing homework will guide students know to learn, therefore, they grasp the learning ability which will help them handle the further academic career. To get this point, it is not up to the large amount of homework, but is up to the right amount of it.

  • There is no help provided by homework

    To many people in the U.S. Have too much homework, some kids drop extra curricular activities to have time for homework and, many kids are experiencing sleep deprivation and not having time for social interactions because of the time they have to spend on homework. Some places students are doing upwards of 5 hours a night, a well know homework researcher says there is almost no correlation from homework done to academic accomplishments, in Finland students average 30min a night and have proven to have better grades

  • Yes, yes they do.

    I personally think the amount of homework for children is absolutely ridiculous. The amount of stressful work put on children at times is too much for the mind to take in and it can cause tiredness, inactivity and depression. It often eliminates social activity as well and it can cause children to be exhausted to the point of being unable to function, as it takes away a lot of sleep activity as well.

  • More time in school is needed a

    Kids should just spend more time in school, maybe an extra two hours to learn the stuff instead of doing homework after school. There would still be time for extracurriculars and kids could get a decent amount of sleep. Kids would learn more and actually be focused on their work.

  • Kids lose sleep

    Kids lose sleep every night from the both the time and stress involved with homework. This decreases their ability to learn the next day at school. Also studies show that kids who have less homework are more excited and want to learn than kids who have more homework. Also many teachers have begun new ways of teaching instead of simply being repetitive.

  • Is it helping or harming?

    I think that to many kids are overweight. I think that one of the reasons for this is because of school and homework. Most middle school students have 1-3 hours of homework. There is that plus the 6 or 7 hours they are in school. That is 7-11 hours of inactivity sitting, writting on a piece of paper! I think that is too much. What about you?

  • "Too," not "to." So, yes. Desperately.

    Your misuse of the word "to" reduces my faith both in you and in the education system. I am aware that I have used sentence fragments in my headline, but those where done for emphasis. You're inability to use proper grammar obviously shows that at least you, my friend, need more homework.

  • It depends which school you go to .

    In a state school they wont give their students too much homework because they know that some of their students wouldn't be able to cope up with it or might not even be able to complete it .However grammar schools on the other hand thrust large amounts of work upon students because all the students are the same ability therefore they will be to complete it .

    It is a known fact that homework improves your knowledge of the subject therefore improving your grade ,I think you should also take in consideration that when you get to uni or college that you are expected to work your socks off to get that A or A* you want so you better get use to it because homework is there to help you not to make your life miserable.

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