• Kids only need a few homework pieces per week. THATS ONE OR TWO.

    My mom, being a teacher herself, says, "Learn what you need to learn. Then practice it in the next 10 minutes. Then practice it again in the next 24 hours. Then again in the next 7 days." 10/24/7 is what she calls it. That's why kids should have less homework.

  • Depending on the district, sometimes yes.

    The amount of homework a student gets greatly depends on what school district they are in and what types of classes they are taking. However, I think that there is a lot of unnecessary homework that is given that really doesn't help students succeed more or less. They should receive some homework to practice, but not an overwhelming amount.

  • Yes, teachers should teach in school.

    Yes, kids have too much homework, because they already spend a great portion of their day sitting in school. High schools are downright exhausted with school, extra curricular activities, and homework. Students do not have any margin to relax, or to build relationships with their friends or families. With less homework, students would have less pressure and could enjoy life more.

  • Yes, kids have way too much homework.

    Kids have hours of homework a night and studies prove that it does not help them retain information, do better on tests or have any positive purpose at all. Instead, kids need to play outside and be kids, which would help with the obesity crisis as well as the ADD epidemic.

  • Yes, homework is often busy work and unnecessary.

    In the old days, a little extra reading and writing and math couldn't hurt a child. But today's children are over programmed as it is. They learn on computer screens all the time, at least if their parents are monitoring their activities. They are put in sports and other activities. They need time to just play. If a teacher is teaching well, not too much home reinforcement is needed.

  • Mad guys only like homework.

    Why u guys that much like homework uh. Its not necessary to give homework. All the worldwide teachers are mad too. I am a child in grade 3 and those like it please please like it okay reply it like I will probably put a reply or a like for those put me only thank u madam and thank u sir.....

  • Kids do not have too much homework

    Kids do not have too much homework. This is because of the fact that kids don't have anything else that they have to do except for school and chores. Homework is a vital part of preparing kids for the future, and having a lot of it will only help them become disciplined.

  • No they don't.

    I do not think that kids have too much homework, homework is needed and necessary to be able to review the work that they are going over in class. It is the best way to keep up with what they are learning and be able to tell where they struggle.

  • Kids do not have too much homework.

    It is important for kids to review materials they have learned in class and prepare for future classes. Homework is an important tool to make sure that students comprehend and retain information they are learning. It is also a good way to teach students discipline and responsibility in preparation for real life.

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