• Yes, kids do need free lunches.

    Yes, kids do need free lunches, because a lot of children live in homes where they might not have enough money to have breakfast and dinner every day. There are some kids out there who might not get a chance to eat for the entire day if they didn't receive free lunch at school.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Kids might not tell he school if their family cannot afford food. And what if the parents cant work because of an disability? Kids need to have food to live. Kids need to go to school. The way to make this all possible is to give kids free lunches. GIVE FREE LUNCH!!!

  • Yes, some kids need free lunches.

    It is unfortunate that people have children that they cannot afford. This however is not the child's fault. As a result they should not be punished for their parents mistake. This means that free lunches are necessary in order to feed underprivileged children. A more pressing concern is how do we stop the flow of uncared for children.

  • No. It's their parents responsibility.

    There should be no free lunch programs, no WIC etc. The parents choose to make terrible decision. It is up to them to raise the child. That means the child gets to eat first before them. It means busting your butt and work 80hrs a week (multiple jobs) if necessary. That's what being an adult means. Take the responsibility and stop redirecting to taxpayers.

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