• Yes, because teachers know both the subjects and how to handle kids

    Teachers are subject matter experts in what they teach children, which parents who homeschool cannot claim. Teachers also have experience in dealing with kids, so they know how to handle situations that arise, whether a child is troublesome and doesn't want to listen or if they want to learn but have trouble following.

  • Parents know best

    A parent will know the behaviour of his or her kid than any teacher on earth can. All a teacher does is teach and discipline a kid, and any kids parent can do it better than a teacher.Down with teacher and up with home schooling and electronic courses.Much better than a teacher.

  • Teachers are NONessential in the development/learning of children.

    I am a kid in middle school, and before you turn away hear me out. I have gotten all the way through 8th grade with an all "A" average. Throughout my schooling experience i have had my fair-share of teachers that don't "teach". Instead, they hand out notes and packets off of the internet and I have made it through those classes. A dog could have handed that out. Deemed them irrelevant!

  • No More Crap

    I don't think that kids need to have teachers because they can do online learning if need be or mom or dad can teach kid @ home. I may only be a kid but our options are very strong in today's economy so. Me and my friends are all home schooled now and I will home school my kids someday.

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