• Holy crap. YES!

    They swear like a sailor and flush down the toilet with respect, proper-behavior,and education as they turn into Super Saiyan IV and rage on the "game" by destroying the controller which "affects" the players on the other side and the game itself like it's going to do anything.They do not deserve to eat the last piece of cake Jimmy you little SHI-

  • Holy Crud Yes

    Just search up "kid rages at video games" on Youtube and you'll get countless results. However, it does depend on the kid. Certain kids will be more mild while others will be more explosive. The game also affects the outcome too though. If a kid was playing something like Flappy Bird, Geometry Dash, FPS, or anything with violence will make kids rage. Games like Skylanders though, I can't imagine anyone raging because of such a mild game like Skylanders.

  • Do your kids rage

    Mikey is a ten year old boy with mild autism and ADHD, who was referred to me for explosive rages. The aftermath of his most recent episode, which occurred in the classroom, was captured in the photo[1] here. The school district was insisting on a psychiatric evaluation: Was he bipolar? Did he need medication? The parents were fearful that taking this step would sentence their son to “being put on drugs.”

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