• Kids do need phone

    Parents may argue that kids do not need cell phone because they did not need cell phones when they were kids. Well times have changed. Most schools have implemented work with the need of contacting other classmates outside of school. Or they may even have a lesson that involves the use of cell phones. Even outside of schools just because you may know exactly where your child is, Doesn't mean you know what can possibly go wrong. Not everything can go as planned and they will need to get in contact with someone. For example my mother knew i was going to school to do community service, She knew exactly where i would be and what i would be doing, But on the way there I nearly got hit by a reckless driver, If I didn't have a phone I would have broken down right there on the street and my mother wouldn't have known to come get me. It's really important to have a phone this day and age because it can be an efficient and fast way to get things done.

  • Yes, you will know where there are

    I understand that people today are looking at a screen all day instead of playing outside. But remember, you aren't always going to be with them. For instance, if you had chess club after school and it got canceled unexpectedly, you want to make your parents aware so they can pick you up! If parents don't trust their kids with a phone, then buy them a cheap flip phone until they have earned your trust! I got my first phone when I was in 5th grade, an android smartphone, it was pretty good and I liked it. Honestly, I would be okay with little kids getting phones (just get them a cheap one). Young children can use the cheap phone so parents will make sure their kids are safe, such as riding the correct bus. So yes, it'seems okay for children to have a phone, starting at Kindergarten.

  • Its a Really helpful tool

    Kids need these cell, phones for school, to reach parents and friends, and to help with home work. You can trust your kid/ kids in this because they need one. And you can also check there phone so to make sure there using it appropriately. So trust your kids!!! Let them have a phone

  • Trust Your Kids

    Yes, I feel strongly that kids need cell phones. For the 5th graders through middle school, it helps if they miss the bus, are approached by a stranger, have an issue and need to reach the parent's ... And besides the practicality, it teaches trust. Both of my kids have iPhones and I trust them to use them responsibly - and they do. If you make it tabu - and give them all sorts of strict rules ... They are inclined to experiment more because they are kids! Trust, monitor when needed and feel good because you can always reach them.

  • Yes, kids need cell phones.

    I think kids really do need cell phones. Cell phones are especially important when kids are in high school. They provide peace of mind for parents when teens start driving. Cell phones are an important communication tool for kids too. They enable them to text each other constantly. Of course, that can be a distraction, too!

  • Children having cell phones is insane.

    Children do not need cell phones. Who do they need to call? Most of the time these children are with their parents. When they are not, a responsible parent knows exactly where their children are at all times. This was unheard of fifteen or twenty years ago and most people grew up just fine. Cell phones for children are a waste of money.

  • No to cell phones

    Children and youth do not need cell phones. They are disruptive and distracting, Are at the centre of most peer conflicts, Have a negative impact on social interaction, And interfere with learning. I have been an educator for almost 25 years and I am disheartened to see the prevalence of these devices in schools and the negative impact on focus and achievement. Children and adolescents do not have the cognitive development to self regulate when it comes to cell phone use. And the argument that parents need to be able to access and communicate with their children does not hold water. Parents should not be texting their children at school (many, Many do on a regular basis) and students need to learn to cope with challenges that arise at school without immediately texting parents for assistance. No wonder our children are increasingly less independent and increasingly suffering from anxiety and depression — they have no confidence in themselves and seek validation from parents and peers through a device before reflecting on a situation and thinking for themselves. The umbilical cord has gotten way too long and we are at risk of permanently damaging our children with these devices that have no place in the hands of children and most especially, No place in schools.

  • A cell phone is a dangerous path for kids

    As you may or may not know cell phones give off cellular radiation. This is harmless to adults but has bad effects on kids under 16 (since their brain is not fully developed) it could stunt/alter/or change the path of growth for children. This could eventually lead to a brain tumor or even brain cancer, yes you are willing to trust your kid but are you willy to put it in danger

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