• It depends on the kid – and the circumstances.

    Children are a lot more resilient than parents give them credit for; most actually end up being okay with their change in circumstances, especially those whose parents seek thoughtful counseling and support for their children throughout the process.

    There are many children who will be endlessly resentful towards one or both parents for the divorce, but in the long run, they may realize that they were happier when the parents were free from each other than they would have been if the parents had trudged onward with all of the screaming and yelling and chaos of a decision to stay together despite it all.

  • Kids never recover from divorce.

    It is with a heavy heart that I inform all of you that children never recover from divorce. They feel the absence of a certain parent, whether it be their biological mother or father. I personally never want my parents to divorce. I know that I will feel incredible guilt that I had done something, as most kids do.

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