• Yes they do

    I'm a kid in Junior High. I, for one, enjoy being a kid. I don't want to grow up too quickly because lets face it, once you grow up, there's no going back. But I've noticed that many of the kids at my public school, girls especially, don't share my opinion. They date at 12, wear makeup even though the rules clearly state you can't and, talk about things that generations before us didn't learn about until they were much older. It's like the kids at my school think it's "Cool" to act like you're 16 when you're actually 13, and, according to the majority of students at my school, it is cool. I don't get why they want to grow up. Adulthood means paying bills, taking care of yourself and getting an actual job. I mean, I guess some people like the fact that you get to move away from your family, but that seems like the only upside.
    Overall I think that Kids Should Be Kids and not grow up to fast.
    I have tons more to say but I don't want to type any longer. I hope you see my points and arguments that I have stated. Maybe another kid will read this and agree with me.

  • Yes

    Kids have too much responsibility these days. They are not allowed to be kids. They worry too much about having fancy cars, cell phones and video games. Technology has made them lazy and not want to do anything but use computers and games. They need to get outside and just play.

  • Yes, kids today grow up too fast.

    Yes, I believe that kids today grow up much too fast. It seems that when my generation were kids, we weren't bombarded at such a young age with sexual and violent themes on tv and in music. Kids are also now warned by their parents and protected from sexual predators, something that in my generation was such a small worry that parents didn't even need to have that talk with their kids.

  • Absolutely

    Yes, kids today definitely grow up to fast. I really think that media has a lot to do with this. Kids are exposed to so much sex and violence. It can often make kids want to act and dress more 'grown up' than they actually are. Another reason why kids grow up to fast is that they hit puberty much earlier than previous generations.

  • YES, kids today are growing up too fast

    Way too fast, in my opinion. Back when I was a kid, I had an innocence about me. I didn't know what certain things were, nor did I even care. Nowadays, kids as young as 5 know about things they shouldn't know about until they are at least in their teens. I blame this on media and also on the parents.

  • Yes, I do believe kids are growing up too fast.

    As someone in middle school, I feel like everybody is too mature for their age. I know a lot of people who do a lot of things inappropriate for their age such as drinking and smoking. Nobody wants to cherish their childhood anymore. Everybody wants the freedom to do things adults do when there is a reason age restrictions are in place. I know 13 year olds in relationships, Explicit ones at that. It just makes me so upset.

  • Definitely, Yes, Absolutely

    I think society does encourage children to grow up too quickly. From the moment we are a few years of age we are put into school. Ever since that first day of preschool or kindergarten, you never stop going to school. You move to middle school to get to highschool, and from highschool to college. You are stuck in this bubble that you must go to college in order to succeed and grow up. We are never given the chance to prove ourselves any other way. Society encourages us to grow up too fast. It is illegal to not go to school in the United States and this forces us to grow up. From the moment you get into highschool you are forced to make a decision on what college you want to go to. And by junior year you really have to start thinking about the future. I am barely 16 and I am already thinking about bills and where I am going to live when I am in college, and how much everything is going to cost. I can’t even drive yet and I’m thinking about health insurance. High school pushes you to get your life together in order to succeed in the future. And now kid channels are showing adult ads to indirectly tell kids to grow up. I have seen older kids, even adults advertising certain games or food on Nickelodeon. Children are being shown adult life when they aren’t even teenagers yet. Society is encouraging them to grow up too fast, but why? I think society encourages children to grow up faster because they already want them to know their future and be more mature. Kids nowadays are being given ipads and technology at such a young age. There was a poll taken in the UK that asked parents of 12 years olds if they thought they were growing up too fast. 70 percent of their children aged 12 or younger can search the web and use technology without the help of an adult. When I was younger everyone around me would push me to be ready for the next grade I was going into. I was never able to live in the moment without someone mentioning something about the future. Society encourages children to grow up faster by putting in their heads what people should look like at their age. For example 12 year olds nowadays are already wearing makeup and have phones. When I was 12 I played with barbies. Kids now are being encouraged to grow up faster than normal. Kids are exposed to so much because of what is on tv now.

  • I know why!

    See being a kid was hard for me. I grew up without a mom for 8 year and for 8 years I was told to keep my mouth shut just because I was kid o had no right.Ive been abused,sexrual abuse for 8 years I've told all grown ups who was available such as police officers, teachers well sense I was just a kid the decided to believe the adults.They told me that I was lying. They said I was just a crazy kid.Sense that day I always wanted to grow up so stop thinking being a kid is all perfect because it was not for Me. I did not have a childhood I was scrubbing walls as if I was an orphan I had no dolls no dresses in fact my dad wife cut my hair.I had no friends .I got send to foster care all them grown ups spit in my face. I wanted to be a grown up so I can speak my mind o can try to seat down and communicate they always want to be right grown ups never gave me a right to speak they would cut me off.I want to a grown up because o want more freedom I want to speak my mind without grown ups thinking that I am being smart or disrespectful I want to say No I want to stick up for myself without feeling scared.I never had a childhood or teenhood I feel older because I trained myself to be who I am sense my father nor my dad did not raise me at all. I am surprised I even survive all that pain that my parents put me through the abuse,and the favoritism

  • Yes its true

    Due to unsupervised activities undertaken by children like watching movies that have no parental guidance, easy access to internet search engines, population growth where children sleep together with their parents. It is incumbent to parents and government to ensure censured. The human rights organisations have also instilled indiscipline in children.

  • Children Are NOT growning up too soon

    This is because many of the social and many more agreements don't even make sense that watching videos makes you grow faster or doing things that others do won't make you grow faster. I still won't to drive the car and l am still a childhood imagine that happens. Lol

  • No No No

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  • Kids can be different

    KIDS CAN BE WHAT EVERY DON'T BE MEAN TO THEM. Kids are people to they can have some things they want just stop being rude to kids and kids stop going on sites your not supposed to, but kids we can not be rude sometimes be rude when your a teen.

  • Non non no n

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  • NO do not judge

    We are not. Don't judge kids, they have technology and celebrites can be good role models and they can also be your hero like taylor swift and megain trainer. I don't think that children are growing up to fast because they can make their own choises and they tely on their parents for many things. That is why i don't think children are growing up to fast

  • No they arn't

    They arn;t because I am a Kid and would know. I am not forced to grow up to fast and I'm sure If u asked someone they would say no because thier parents arn't forceing them to grow up and they can amke their own decisions no one can tell them what to do

  • Its good to be mature

    Its good to be mature when you are younger because when it comes to later life they wont struggle. They have been growing up in the technology that is here today so in a different world to the adults nowadays. Nearly every adult thinks children are growing too fast but they are just following technology and become better and more mature.

  • We dont grow up fast

    I'm a freshmen in high school. I have read some posts on here and I strongly disagree. We grow with our surroundings and maturity grows with that. As we progress through the years parents don't understand we are becoming more advanced than they were. UNDERSTAND THE KIDS BEFORE YOU JUDGE.

  • No they don't

    Because they are dependent on their parents and even at the age of 16 do immature things and go outy to parties get drunk and are irrasponsible. They do not take responsibilty for their actions or think ahead. Their parents have to care for them and clean up their mess.

  • Kids Didn't Grow Up

    I believe that children of this age are experiencing life with technology. Life with technology seems fairly new and amazing to some of us who lived prior to technology or have had to watch technology slowly grow over the last 20 years. For kids today, however, that technology has always been there, it only evolves slightly from model to model and it all seems the same to them. I do not believe kids today are growing up too fast, but I do believe they are growing up in a different world than I did.

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k4713 says2014-05-05T05:57:37.247
Im 14 and i have an Iphone 5c a Macbook air and Ipod 5, i don't go out drinking or do drugs or smoke and i think Children are growing up to fast.

First of all i think that technology is a huge influence on Children's life at the moment with new school programs like E learning (where you don't write you type every thing up on your laptop or ipad) and also Bring your own device to school. I think this is good for students in high school but when it happens in primary school, and intermediates i think that it is a step to far, children in primary are not suppose to be playing on Iphones/Ipads/Ipods they are supposed to be playing out on the playground getting muddy playing on the monkey bars and playing tag. I remember when i was at primary school the thing i looked forward to most was Morning tea so i could go to the playground first and not be in for tag, but know it seems that kids are just texting each other and not having a childhood that was intended for children.

Secondly i believe that parents should be more strict on their children not let them go out drinking and parting but instead making sure there skids are home at a reasonable time not 2-3 am in the morning. There is a girl at my school whose pedants will go out and buy her alcohol for when she has parties with friends and will let drug dealer come into their house and sellout he children drug i mean these kids are like 14-15 at this age you are supposed to be hanging out with friends drinking milk shakes going to the beach or the movies not drinking and smoking. I also think that parents are not setting a good example to there children by divorcing there partners Children stability and comfort not to be shipped of to a different house every week or be in the middle of custody battles.

Lastly i think the media is showing the worse types of role modles for children. We do not need to see what Miley cyrus has done wrong now, its just encouraging children to be more like with the drinking smoking and drug, also the programs on disney channel are crazy the moment they are showing programs with children being on their ipads and complaining because they don't have the best make-up products, i though disney channel was supposed to show children how to be when they're older not encourage them to do crazy things. Shows like Keeping up with the kardashinsans and ice loves coco are telling young girls that the way to become famous is to sex tapes or outrageous thing like that.