Do large corporations have a social responsibility?

  • They should adopt CSR.

    Energy use driven by economic growth has triggered pollution. To be effective, measures to cut carbon emissions must be implemented worldwide, even by those who do not want to adopt them. Or else the pollutants should be taxed, to ensure that the full cost of pollutionare factored in the polluter's decision.

  • They should have social responsibilty

    Large corporations should have social responsibility. It is important for the world to be socially responsible. Every individual should care about the environment and large corporation are no different. People should support socially responsible corporations and be weary of ones that are not. The ones that are not responsible are not doing anything great for the world and there existence should be questioned.

  • Large corporations do not have a social responsibility.

    Large companies are beholden to their share holders to make money. If the leaders of the company do not make a profit, the largest shareholders can vote to have them removed. Consequently, companies usually put profit before social responsibility. It is accepted to harm the environment or workers' rights in the name of making money.

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