Do law enforcement cameras invade the privacy of citizens?

  • This is right

    I think this is right because they are everywhere even in my home it is horrible because you cant do anything but nothing I just need a little bit more words to say because I don't know what to say I mean I am only 14 so you know whats goin on

  • Supreme Court Ruling to Obama's erosion of the 4th amendment

    Yes! Yes! the socialist tactics brought on by the bush/obama administration must end. Very disappointed by the Supreme Court the past 9yrs. but their overwhelming ruling against police surveying is about time! Give us back our lives, SC-must tackle social media next. Anyone can put anything they want to a person on the internet, true or not. In Europe nothing can be printed unless it's true, if not they get sued or go to jail, where they should be. The SC must take up this ideology, if it's not true then put the police in jail and anyone who spread lies in jail.

  • More Yes and then a little No

    I am saying yes more because if law enforcement cameras are near or in my home then that is way beyond invading my privacy. But cameras in public places like stores malls, around schools even in schools makes me feel safer and my child safer. But I don't want them all over the place cause then it's invading my privacy and I would feel like I was being followed.

  • Yes, they do invade privacy of citizens.

    Law enforcement cameras were supposed to provide a sense of security, but it is just an invasion to our everyday lives. Am I supposed to watch what I do every time I leave my house? How do I know if I am under someone's supervision? Under the Constitution, this is invasion of privacy. If you "think" I committed a crime and it turns out to be false, I have lost that feeling of security I thought I had. I can no longer feel like I am safe, since I now know I was under surveillance while I was unaware. Many might not understand this, but it would be considered an invasion, even if you might get a little comfort knowing the bad guy might be caught.

  • Yes law enforcement cameras invade the privacy of citizens

    The problem isn't so much the laws, but rather it's the arbitrary way they are enforced that is the issue with some of this, not to mention the "suspicion" of committing a crime vs. actual crime. It is just a total privacy invasion, people should not have to fear the law or feel the need to walk on eggshells just so they don't get into trouble for something. It's no way a free person is meant to live. So yes the cameras are an invasion of privacy.

  • Absolutely Not Right

    I can understand cameras on stop lights, don't run the light. But cameras that not only track and photograph license plates, but the person driving them? That's ridiculous! I understand that they can help crimes but we shouldn't have to walk around and be filmed all the time just in case something happens. Not everyone is a criminal so why should we be treated as such?

  • Big brother is really watching

    America is not what it use to be thank god. We might as well be a communist world. The gov. Is passing laws to benefit the gov. They are giving the police to much power. We have no privacy as it is. The police can come in your house at any questions asked.

  • Big Brother Is Watching You

    The police state is here. Cameras are appearing on every corner pointed in every direction. This is Orwell's 1984 coming to fruition here in America. Start adding in plate reading technology, facial scan recognition, and evil intentions of corrupt government. The is the end coming fast...The end to freedom and the end of what used to be called America.

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  • Safety for the public

    The only reason lake enforcement cameras are around are for the safety of you, the public, and the officers. Without cammers many people can be blamed for things they did not do because there is no proof that they did not do it. You could be beaten by a police officer and you would have no proof but with cammeras there is proof that it was done, along with officers who are accused of crimes they did not commit just so someone can get a payday. You should thank cammeras, they may save your butt one day.

  • How can we support testimony in court?

    Law enforcement professionals are constantly scrutinized my the public and the media, that they have no choice but to protect themselves. Police footage is not public and is only used as needed in court. You can even buy the tape from your county attorneys office for your personal viewing. Officers, deputies and troopers alike need this for their protection, because some people cant trust a licensed peace officer to do their job. If you have a problem with it, hey! You go right ahead and record it yourself, just do it respectfully.

  • Sometimes Not All The Time

    Cameras should only really be placed in public places, we shouldn't have our homes invaded by the government because of what they think is going on we don't need the privacy of our homes invaded before you know it they will be tracking all citizens...Who wants that? Certainly not me. I hope you wouldn't either?

  • That depends on what the cameras are doing.

    That depends on where the cameras are and do they have a warrant. If the camera is on public location and is directed to shoot the streets and not to people's homes, then they are not considered invasion of privacy. If the camera-operatoris an agent of police and has a warrant to pry a private home, then the prying is an agent of police and has a warrant to pry a private home, then the prying is part of an ongoing investigation and must aim to a legal action to catch acriminal.(http://wiki.Answers.Com/Q/Are_law_enforcement_cameras_an_invasion_of_privacy#slide=7&article=Are_law_enforcement_cameras_an_invasion_of_privacy)

  • These camera's should only be solving crimes

    These cameras are put on these PUBLIC areas, and they are there for your own safety. The things that are recorded are not made public. Furthermore, there's no need for you to go to that public place, where the cameras are located. If you don't want to be filmed go somewhere else.

  • The cameras don't invade.And its simple...

    The cameras don't invade privacy because they are mostly put in public places. Right? Well how could one expect to have privacy out in public? Its called the public because, it's not private and its out in the open where everyone is free to be. Honestly, the only time i'm worried about cameras is when i'm doing something naughty or unusual.

  • The Government has valid reasons

    If you do not want the government seeing something that you're doing, then you probably should not be doing it. There are many probable causes as to why they feel need to watch us. Think logically, why would the government would otherwise watch the American people? The governmental body has better things to do with their life. Don't just automatically assume that everything the contains the word 'government' is bad. That is not the case. Open your mind to the facts and realize that there are many good reasons why they would be compelled to monitor us. Just one example would be the following: the drug and alcohol abuse is out of control in this country and possibly monitoring the suspected areas would cut down the number of drug abuse.

  • It Not Invading

    I think it okay. The world is more safer to me with cameras. It not invading anything to me unless there in your house which I haven't heard of until I read the yes comments. But most of these cameras are in public areas were people can see them. So I see no problem.

  • No

    I don’t think that the government having cameras are an invasion of privacy because they are out in open places not on private property and in bathrooms. So they are not invading privacy they are just trying to protect people from crimes being committed. Because if a crime was comitted they would have it on tape and it would help to catch the person or did it.

  • Not really

    As long as the law enforcement cameras are placed within public places then no they do not invade the privacy of citizens. I do not do anything in public that I wouldn't want law enforcement to see anyways so knowing that I am on camera would not disturb me in the least. Putting them in private property is another matter.

    Posted by: jus

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