Do law enforcement officers abuse their authority?

  • Police think that rides are free

    No free rides on transportation. Trying to impress a partner or just being an asshole. This is my opinion, off duty police show a badge and expect a free ride to wherever, but if a problem comes up. No back up, so why do they expect a free ride? Tell me why I have to pay for my fare, but off duty police. With guests. Expect a free ride?

  • Not all of course

    Whoever the passage below regarding that "No" that police officers dont abuse their power is delusional I needs to check the facts. Yes of course some cops are abusive verbally and physically. I am a prior law enforcment civilain and military and yes i have witness abusive cops in the civilian world none in the military, so unless you live on another planet and believe all cops are good you are sadly mistaken. Their are many reasons why some cops are abusive, i have seen colleagues of mine verbally abuse young kids using profanity and intimidation when it wasnt even necessary, i have seen them draw their weapon and pointed at a group of kids just hanging and having a good time in front of their house. Law Enforcement Training ends at the Academy and a different type of training begins at their command. Law enforcement are insensitive to individuals who are mentally disabled or handicapped they can't tell the difference between an individual that has mental issues on drugs everyone is a perp until proven otherwise also a lot of cops even good cops suffer from PTSD but that is taboo that will definitely get you terminated from the job. I can write a book on the stuff that I've seen and heard. God bless the good cops that really are trying to make a difference.

  • Yes, some do

    As a black woman I have to say that yes, without a doubt some police officers abuse their authority. Of course not every cop is evil or abusive, but if they are given the chance to some will. Whether they kill people unnecessarily, or rape people, or a lot of other atrocities.

  • Some officers abuse authority.

    Anyone in a position of power has a chance to abuse it, and it often happens. While not all officers do this, officers, like any person, can take advantage of the perks they are given. By nature people, especially those that take leadership jobs, enjoy having authority. The enjoyment of Authority can lead to the abuse of it.

  • No, law enforcement officers do not abuse their authority.

    News media sensationalizes law enforcement brutality all over because it makes for good press. People will read it. The fact is however that law enforcement constantly uses a standard of force much less than that of what they are legally allowed to use in the situations that they come upon. Furthermore with the advancement of technology in regards to cameras, gps tracking, and the like, officers are tracked much more than the average citizen. It would be so easy to catch an officer abusing their authority that it is almost non-existant except perhaps in the most rural areas of the world.

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