Do laws prevent us from thinking for ourselves?

Asked by: alivia
  • Yes, to some extent

    Laws do prevent some individual thoughts and actions when obeyed. I understand laws have their purpose which is in theory to keep things and people under control and safe. However, if you think about it, obeying laws in itself can be mindless, it doesn't require too much intelligence to just do as you're told because you have to. Many people abide by laws to avoid the consequences which come with disobeying them, rather than because they understand the terms and agree as they believe it is the right thing to do. That is why I believe that to some degree laws do prevent people from thinking for themselves.

  • No no no

    There is no reason why laws should be blamed for preventing people from thinking. It is true laws tell us what we can and cant do but they ere there to protect people who perhaps abuse the right of thinking for themselves. People say 'rules are meant to be broken' when in actual fact rules are meant to protect people who chose not to use their brains to think. These same people chose to abuse the police for getting them in trouble when if they had simply obeyed the lay there wouldn't have been an issue. So it is better to be said that the laws have stopped people being safe and these people choose not to think!

  • Technically no, but...

    Laws do not prohibit thinking for yourself. Although, laws strongly encourage not thinking for yourself. A law implies that an action is morally wrong, so in that way, it discourages thinking for one's self. If something is a law, it makes people think that an action is wrong in some way, even though it might not, but since breaking the law is "bad", then people won't decide for themselves.

  • No they don't.

    There is nothing in the law that prevents you from thinking what you want, the law actually INSURES that you can think what you want. Laws prevent you from DOING things, not thinking them.

    Moreover, there is nothing that prevents you from questionning the law; that's why laws sometimes change.

  • No, Simply No

    Our thought is protected as free speech, and the government has no legal right to censor or prevent our thought. You can think whatever you want to. If you want to think that the president is the antichrist, then you, begrudgingly, have the right to think as such. The laws are intended to prevent us from actions that may endanger ourselves or others. If you follow these laws without thinking for yourself, that's your problem, not the laws'.

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