• Yes, the death penalty is the only answer in some cases.

    There are some people who do such heinous things that it is almost impossible for them to rehabilitated. They can not be happy souls given how they behave, and society is at risk with them alive, so the best thing is for them to be put out of their misery.

  • Lawyers Make More Than I Do

    Lawyers do not deserve to be paid. No on deserves anything. Lawyers work to get paid. The harder you work, and the better lawyer you are, the more you will get paid. There are so many people alive and clients available, I think lawyers would be making more, logically, but I digress.

  • People think that lawyers make much money but they are wrong.

    In truth, lawyers earn much less on average than most people think they do. While it’s true that the top lawyers get exorbitant salaries, and even fairly successful lawyers make quite a bit, many lawyers earn relatively little when compared to other professional fields. In fact, a number of lawyers graduate from law school with no job in the field of law, and so are forced to either try to make their own way in private practice, or else to work another job while they struggle to find work at a firm.

  • No the value of a lawyer's time should be determined by the open marketplace.

    There is no reason that lawyer's should be making less money than they used to make. The value of a lawyer's time and efforts should be determined by the open market. In other words they will get paid what their clients feels their efforts were worth. But to cut the talented attorney for no reason is just plain wrong!

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Spamminy says2014-07-18T04:11:27.273
I am leaving a comment and not voting because it is neither yes or no. They neither deserve to make less or more than they used to. They deserve to make however much the market will bear for their services.