Do Lesbians just need some really good penis to become straight again?

Asked by: John_Ostroff
  • Sexuality is fluid

    Sexuality is a complex thing and it can be very fluid. Brain is also a very soft thing and fairly easy to reprogram. It wouldn't be easy, But a form of forced straight sex torture could, Over time, Turn them straight. It might have to be combined with some other forms of torture, Brainwash or hypnosis, But I believe it's doable.

    However, "a really good penis" simply just wouldn't be enough. It would have to be a large, Government-funded effort to convert them. Such an operation may be needed in a Patriarchal state to provide more women for the superior Men.

    Hail Patriarchy! ♥

  • Most Lesbians are FAT, UNDICKED SOWS.

    A $3-Million dollar study by the CDC found that 75% of lesbians were clinically obese - this suggests that due to a variety of factors, These individuals became whales - and nobody except Captain Ahab wants to harpoon a whale. Google it.

    As far as penis solving the problem - it is possible that romantic fixation and approval by the opposite sex could entice lesbians to flee from immorality and become whole again. But, That would also be a double-negative for the male, As not only would he need to ride a bucking bovine, But he would also be forced to tolerate the layers of chub enveloping his very soul as he does.

    Sadly, While it is only this users opinion at current that some good dick could solve the lesbian problem, Most lesbians are disgusting animals that nobody in their right mind would touch - even with a 3 inch blueballed twig. It is theorized that this answer would be correct, But we have no way - as of current - of proving it to be true. The only thing that can be proven is that most lesbians are NOT "born this way" unless severe obesity goes hand in hand with the whimsical gay-gene theory.

  • Adae dua damballaaa GIVE ME THE COCK I BEG OF YOU

    Oh mighty dambella give this here feministic lesbian anal loving non anal cleaning fat peice of shit the prower of the mightyful avacodo cock so that they shall reavel apon thje worlod what the power of the speical is and therefore we can ewnd world hnger and so frotjh ye?

  • Definitely not, Since it wouldn't work the same way with you.

    Would some good dick turn you gay? No, No it wouldn't. I mean, Come on. If you went and actually talked with some lesbian woman, You'd be surprised to find out how many of them have tried out some 'good penis' and still turned out to be lesbian. Because. . . Sexual orientation is not dependent on whether or not you have had 'adequate vagina' or 'good penis'. The only time this actually happens is with pornography. Some lesbians use strap-ons because they do enjoy the feeling of 'good dick', Just not from an actual male. Because they're LESBIAN. And lesbians are NOT attracted to males and that's a fact that cannot be changed, Because it is APART OF THEM. Thank you and goodnight.

  • The fact that people say "yes" is disturbing.

    There is no such thing as changing your sexuality. Sexuality is fluid, And it's something you're born with. While maturing, People can discover different aspects of their orientation at different times; however, Sexuality simply isn't something you can change. That's absurd. Lesbians are attracted to female bodies. A male's dick isn't in the picture.

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