• No, they want to destroy other's rights

    I see liberals all the time talking about how conservatives shouldn't be able to vote (which by the way makes up most of the country) or have free speech. Their idea of tolerance means agreeing with them or they attack you viciously. They are the most intolerant, hateful people imaginable.

    They've defined tolerance as relativism, in other words hatred of absolute truth. They're only tolerant of you if you say all evil things are alright, if you say anything is wrong they'll hate you for not supporting their evil beliefs. As Isaiah 5:20 says, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

    Such a relativistic definition of tolerance makes no sense, since you cannot tolerate someone or something unless you disagree with it. As Michael Horner puts it:

    "Some people might question this [that religions contradict and thus cannot be equally correct], saying it is intolerant to think only one religion has things right. But this response shows a misunderstanding of what intolerance really is. Intolerance comes from the word “tolerate.” To tolerate means to allow something, such as a belief, to exist even though we don’t like it or agree with it. Tolerance does not mean never disagreeing with anybody. The word implies disagreement. True tolerance means allowing differing views to coexist without necessarily agreeing with them or claiming that all views are true. Therefore, we can hold that one view is true or better than other views without being intolerant. If we were truly intolerant, we would seek to silence other points of view. But merely engaging in persuasive conversation with someone you disagree with is not intolerance. We show more respect for each other when we take our religious claims seriously than when we clothe them in a patronizing cloak of relativism."


  • This question is just as biased and intolerant as the claimant complains about.

    To lump all liberals or all conservatives under the same blanket assumptions is ridiculous.
    Not to mention hypocritical, as claiming liberals don't tolerate anyone but liberals is just as intolerant as claiming conservatives are racist and sexist. They are generalizations that make the claimant look stupid.

    Of course, to claim that not tolerating intolerance is itself intolerant is also ridiculous. Calling people out for intolerance and hatred is not intolerant.

  • Not particularly, no

    Look at Sarah Palin's twitter feed on any given day and you'll see a slew of hateful, sexist comments made by liberals. Look at the racist, bigoted comments the leader of the Democrats in SC made to Nikki Haley. Look at the hypocrisy of the gay lobby, who argues they are bullied and then proceeds to bully anyone who disagrees with them (except for liberals like Obama). None of these are tolerant at all.

    Posted by: TN05

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Bullish says2013-05-30T14:30:41.787
All I can do is lol at this... Seriously?
Jzyehoshua says2013-05-30T15:30:10.780
Yes, very seriously. -.- Just kidding, this is more of a fun topic. :) I do think there's truth to it though. Many liberals are only tolerant if you agree with them, otherwise they want to silence your rights to free speech and voting. A die-hard liberal is about as intolerant as you get. :)
Jzyehoshua says2013-05-30T15:36:59.597
Just posted a comment explaining this in-depth.